Shangrila Banquet Hall Wedding Photos

Lin And Timothy’s Toronto Church Wedding

Isn’t getting ready one of the highlights of the wedding day? The excitement in the air as the day unfolds and the anticipation of the joyous hours ahead is always great to photograph.

Lin got ready with her bridesmaids, who wore baby blue dresses in mismatched styles. As much as they were having fun getting ready, they couldn’t wait for the wedding door games. They had prepared some tricky tasks for the groom and his side of the bridal party.

By the time they arrived, Lin had put on her gorgeous strapless wedding gown and her hair and makeup were complete. She looked lovely. All she needed was for Timothy to slip her luxury blue heels on her feet as tradition goes and her bridal look would be complete.

Your Toronto wedding photographer can’t get enough of the hilarious Chinese door games. After some dancing, stretching and funny activities, finally, the girls let Timothy upstairs to see his bride. It was a special moment as they saw each other and right at that moment, a little rain began to fall. It’s good luck, as they say and Lin’s mom had a red umbrella ready.

The car to take the couple to the church was decorated with red ribbons and two teddy bears in Chinese wedding outfits and it got them to the church on time. 

The ceremony was full of grace and joy as the couple exchanged vows and promised to love each other until the end of their days. The awe-inspiring architecture with massive gold archways and beautiful stained glass windows is unbelievable. It was such a stunning sight as the couple was married, kissed and walked down the aisle together. 

For the post-wedding couple shoot, we went to the University of Toronto, where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. They never last long, so we felt so blessed to have this pretty floral backdrop. Lin and Timothy are a very sweet couple who looked out for each other all day long and were a joy to photograph. First, we captured intimate and romantic couple images and when their bridal party joined in for the shoot, we saw their playful sides. What a diverse collection of imagery we caught in a really short time. 

At the Shangrila Banquet Hall in Markham, an elegant and luxurious set-up was complete. Blue decorations added a splash of color to the space and the guests were all commenting on how spectacular it looked. The couple was given a loud and energetic welcome from everyone as they arrived at the formal dinner. Speeches and cake cutting happened before the couple’s first dance and we were very impressed with their skills on the dance floor, including the high lifts and faultless spins. It was the beginning of much dancing – what a night!

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