Pre Wedding | Michelle & Cheng Cheng

Get ready to be inspired and impressed by Michelle and Cheng Cheng’s romantic and dreamy Toronto photoshoot.

We had a full day of exploring, photographing and getting to know this lovely couple during their pre-wedding photoshoot that covered Guildwood Park, the University of Toronto and Scarborough Bluffs.

Guildwood Park was our first destination, with Michelle and Cheng Cheng excited and fully ready for the day of shooting. The light in the beautiful sculptural garden was soft and lovely that day. Michelle wore a stunning strapless wedding gown with a long veil that flowed perfectly in the gentle breeze.

The Greek theatre with ornate archways and pillars made us all feel like we had been transported to Europe and onto the pages of a bridal magazine. Holding hands and walking through the gardens, the couple were total naturals in front of the camera and we were thrilled to have started the shoot with some fantastic imagery. We took a diverse collection of images, including individual portraits, couple portraits and detail shots of the engagement rings.

Next, we went to the University Of Toronto because the couple loves the old-fashioned brick buildings there. She changed her look by taking off the veil and putting on a pretty princess-like tiara. Cheng Cheng kept his smart suit and bow tie, but we changed his look by doing photos without the jacket later on. We were lucky the uni wasn’t so busy that day and we found charming corners to create beautiful bridal images both inside and outside the historic buildings.

Scarborough Bluffs is such a stunning location with ocean views that are spectacular and natural green spaces that are lush and pretty. Roaming around this area as the sun set was the perfect way to end our romantic and intimate engagement shoot for Michelle and Cheng Cheng. We love the final dramatic shots of them standing on the ridge overlooking the sea.

When you are newly engaged, it’s a great time for a Toronto photoshoot. You can get a beautiful collection of images to show on your wedding day. Some couples make a book to display on the welcome table or frame prints to go next to the guest book. Others put huge canvas prints on show at the entrance of their wedding reception. We love seeing our work enlarged, printed and looking so fabulous.

A Toronto photoshoot is also a great way to get to know your photography team and get some helpful pointers for the wedding day. You will also be more relaxed in front of the camera after a few fun and relaxing hours of shooting with our team. There are so many great reasons to book a photoshoot before your wedding. Some couples even do several photoshoots in different locations on separate days. So that you know, we are up for traveling if you want to head a bit out of Toronto for your photoshoot.

We are ready for your pre-wedding photoshoot, so drop us a line for packages and info. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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