Pearson Convention Center Hindu Wedding Videography

Ravindra and Trivani strolled hand-in-hand through a park at Kleinburg, talking about the endless possibilities for their life together. You can see they are blissfully happy and content in each other’s company and deeply in love. 

These quiet moments together as a couple are fleeting when you are in the middle of a two-day Indian wedding celebration. Our cameras were there to capture all the wonderful moments of Ravindra and Trivani’s wedding celebrations, including this romantic walk along a countryside path. Our wedding videography production of this wedding showcases a family celebration, a love story and the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for Ravindra and Trivani.

The bride got ready at her house. Trivani’s henna, which had been done the day before at the mehndi, looked beautiful. Family members were busy helping her prepare, making food and decorating the house in bright and vibrant colors. What a gorgeous vision she was when every detail of her bridal outfit was complete. The groom was at home nearby, also getting ready. He looked so handsome and regal in his traditional Indian outfit. 

The couple’s traditional Indian outfits on the first day were orange and gold. They made a stunning sight adorned with traditional headpieces, jewelry, flowers and Indian bridal accessories. As a Hindu Wedding Videographer Toronto, we really can’t get enough of the elaborate outfits we see at every Indian wedding. Always luxurious, bright and rich-looking, it is incredible how every outfit is unique. 

We flew the drone to capture the Toronto landscape and some city signage significant to the couple. The drone really shows what a gorgeous city Toronto is and it can be said for every season. 

The large mandap featured ornate gold details with pink and cream fabrics and flowers, adding to the stunning scene. It would be an understatement to say the setup was magnificent and opulent. 

Outside, family members dancing to loud music and live drummers as they waited for the groom’s arrival. The ceremony began and everyone moved inside. Soon the bride joined the ceremony and the couple was formally joined in marriage according to Indian tradition. It was a joyful and festive atmosphere with lively music and lots of singing. 

The reception at Pearson Convention Center in Brampton was a huge event with 500 guests. Such a turn out is a testament to the couple’s social, outgoing life full of friends and family who adore them both. 

If you search Hindu Wedding Videographer Toronto, you will find our team is one of the most popular choices for fashion-forward, modern Indian couples. The hard work that goes into shooting and editing an Indian wedding is matched by the enjoyment we get from covering these spectacular once-in-a-lifetime events. 

Please do drop us a line with all the details possible about your Indian wedding for info and packages. We are only too happy to customize a photography and videography Indian wedding package to fit your wedding’s hours and days as we understand every Indian wedding hours vary. 

Venue: Pearson Convention Center

Address: 2638 Steeles Ave E, Brampton, ON L6T 4L7, Canada

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