Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding Photos

Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding Photos

Marina and Alex are a hip young couple who live life to the fullest. Who else would have a briefcase full of cash with handcuffs attached to it waiting as a prop on their wedding day? 

With his father and bridal party, Alex was getting dressed up for the most important event of his life. He looked smart and stylish in a black tuxedo with a bow tie and his boys matched him in the style stakes. Meanwhile, the bride and her side had started getting ready hours earlier. They were also having fun getting ready with a fun photoshoot in satin robes and the champagne flowing. 

Marina wore a fitted dress with a lace bodice and lace accents, including a stunning plunging back. She wore a delicate tiara in her hair and a long veil. Under her dress, sparkly designer heels gave her some height and even more glam. 

The outdoor wedding ceremony at Paradise Banquet Hall with European-inspired pillars as the backdrop. Flower stands lined at the aisle and white chairs kept the ceremony looking modern and stylish. The stage was the perfect size for the celebrant and bridal party of twelve, including the bride and groom. 

The highlight of the ceremony was the couple’s vows to each other. More than a few guests had tears in their eyes as the couple promised to love each other forever. They exchanged rings and everyone made their blessings obvious as they kissed and walked down the aisle as man and wife. 

After group photos and family photos, we headed to Mint Room Studios for the couple photo shoot and some candid wedding photography with the bridal party. We loved both looks and the studio setting gave us the best of both worlds, so it was a great idea. The simple props, such as the white vintage sofa matched the couple’s fashion-forward bridal attire perfectly. 

Nearby at the Paradise Banquet Hall in Vaughan, the enormous white dance floor with the couple’s initials monogrammed on it was a feature of the room. The couple had a sweetheart table adorned with florals and candles on a small stage and the guest tables were laid out around the dance floor. 

The bridal party entered Paradise Banquet Hall  loves light-hearted entrances like this. They wore shades and danced in with lots of energy and laughter. The newlyweds got the most applause and the night was just beginning. Hours of dining, dancing, speeches and good times followed with live music and a DJ to keep the party atmosphere high. 

Venue: Paradise Banquet Hall  

Address: 7601 Jane St, Concord, ON L4K 1X2, Canada 

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