Old Mill Inn Wedding | Jamie & Isiah

Laughter. Warmth. Brightness. Some marriages are so bright and beautiful that they uplift your mood whenever you see the photos. We witnessed such a marriage at the Old Mill Inn. Isiah and Jamie tied their knot amidst their parents, friends, and relatives.

Everything bright and beautiful

Isiah is such a sweet girl. Look at her smile while applying makeup. Her smile reflects her goodness. As she patiently waited for her makeup to be completed, let us look at some other photos we took that day. The wedding ring caught our fancy so did the bouquet. It was unusually bright. Against the window sill, it looked more vibrant.

It seemed Isiah was in love with her wedding gown. Why shouldn’t she be, it was such an exquisite piece. Classic cut, simple design, and elegant fit made it suit her perfectly. Her bridesmaids were in wine red dresses, contrasting her milk white gown. We were happy to take photos of them helping Isiah get ready. Look at them, complete in their attires, with bouquets. Against the streaming sunlight, the shot looked so perfect, just the kind of shot to take you down the memory lane, many years after when you chance upon it.

Isiah’s parents dote on her. The moment in which her father saw her in her wedding gown was so poignant. At the Old Mill Inn, everybody was waiting for the bride and the groom. Jamie looked handsome in his wedding suit. Isiah broke down while taking the oath and made everybody cry too. 

Photo session time by our toronto wedding photographers.  The groomsmen and bridesmaids along with the newlywed couple revealed their lighter side. They gave hilarious poses and expressions. Jamie and Isiah were a game too.

The stone walls and pillar of the Inn acted as a nice backdrop to capture a few moments with the newlyweds. We were more than happy when they came close and kissed before our cameras. These shots have come out well against the flowering bushes and the old stone walls.

Flowers, pine cones and other natural objects were used to decorate the tables at the reception. The colored fall leaves added life to the tables. Wedding speeches were given and toasts were raised for the couple. The real fun happened on the dance floor when Isiah decided to surprise everybody with her dance moves. Jamie was happy to join her along with his gang.

As we said, laughter, fun, and warmth marked the wedding of Isiah and Jamie. We hope their lives are filled with love and laughter forever.

Venue: Old Mill Inn

Address: 21 Old Mill Rd, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, Canada 

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