Krystal and Nassim | Jewish Wedding at The Royalton

Meet Krystal and Nissim, a couple who met in their first year of university and fell in love. They got married at The Royalton Hospitality in Woodbridge, Ontario, and planned a sophisticated and simple wedding with white and pink as the main colors.

Their inspiration for the big day was to capture all the amazing moments that they’ll remember for a lifetime. They wanted to focus on the laughs, speeches, ceremony, and their families. It was important to them that their photographer was available whenever they needed them and could capture all the important moments.

Krystal and Nissim’s wedding was a Jewish celebration with various cultural and religious traditions. They had a chuppah ceremony, the hora dance, and kippah head coverings for the ceremony and hora dance. They also incorporated Persian cultural traditions, such as throwing rose petals when they cut the wedding cake.

The couple was surrounded by pink and white flowers, with large centerpieces and glass stands lining the aisle. It was a bow tie event, with men wearing suits and women wearing fancy dresses. Krystal wore a white ball gown, while Nissim was in a black tuxedo.

Their favorite parts of the wedding were when the ceremony was finished, the glass was broken, and a typical Jewish song was played. They also enjoyed the first dance and shots of the food. The groom’s grandfather blessed the bread before it was cut into pieces and handed out to each table.

Krystal and Nissim’s advice for other couples planning their wedding is to plan in advance, focus on what’s important, and enjoy the moment. They remind others that this is a time of happiness and not stress, and the small things won’t matter when you look back.

Venue: The Royalton Hospitality 

Address: 8201 Weston Rd, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6, Canada

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