Jewish Wedding Photography and Videography | Vera & Yarik

As they say, “Love is a universal feeling in the world.” It transcends through time, it depicts the very

core of us being humans. It breaks boundaries between culture, race, class, or religion. It is the most

highlighted feeling because of the fact that it has no rules, just to love and to be loved. And as you grow

as a couple, the love you have for each other grows as well. Hard times may come and your relationship

may struggle, but still, the heart becomes gentler and purer for the challenges it has won and fought for.

And the sincerest way to show your love that can still surpass and endure more is marriage for it

declares a lifetime promise of bliss and contentment.

There is no doubt that everyone love weddings. Everyone is excited whenever they’ll hear news if

they’re family, relatives or friends will have one. Words cannot describe how much it means to the

couple to be wed in the most genuine way. Even if preparations are stressful, the time frame is not met,

or the look and feel your wedding in toronto was not achieved, you would still want to be but where you are now;

at the altar exchanging your vows and expressing your love to each other in front of all the guests. Those

stresses in the preparations and those sleepless nights just to make your dream wedding achievable will

be replaced with contentment and filled up with joy seeing your other half looking at you like you are

the most loved person in the world.

But in the wedding of Vera and Yarik, you would not see any sign of stress, no disheartenment, and no

failure; just love and that’s all that matters. You can see the look on their faces, no pretentions, no look

of disapproval, no sign of regret, just pure awesome love; and then again, that’s all that matters. Not

everyone is blessed with this kind of love and not everyone has the capacity to give it with no

hesitations but Vera and Yarik proved to us that they can and they are willing to. For as along the sun

rises from the east and the bird sings harmoniously every single day, love will always conquer all.

The hours before the wedding can be wearisome, but Yarik is just chilling and having a cup of coffee

with his groomsmen while sharing stories and sentiments about the wedding that is soon happen. He

doesn’t express any fear because he is marrying Vera, the woman he truly loves. As scorching as the rays

of sun shines upon him, his look is as lavish as well. Looking sharp and smart in his blue suit, with his

sunglasses on, he poses dashingly on the roof top. Adding up to his accessory are his black bowtie and

his watch to complete the stunning look.

Meanwhile, Vera is just effervescent as always, with her smile shining through the entire room. There

is no doubt that she is a perfect model of a modern Jewish bride: elegant, eloquent but humble. While

reading the letter with a gift beside it that Yarik gave her at the rooftop, she was really moved. Her tiara

proves that this day is her day: a special day for a princess. Her bridesmaids were really a big help for the

preparations and they are glad that Vera will finally tie a knot with Yarik.

The ceremony starts as the groom walks down the aisle with his and the bride’s father followed by

some bridesmaids and groomsmen. Lastly, Vera walked down the aisle together with her mother and

soon to be mother-in-law. In Jewish, it says that a wedding is performed for two halves to become one.

Thus, a complete soul will be created by the groom (Choson) and the bride (Kallah) for they are now

united as one.

The couple will be under the chuppah (canopy) during the wedding ceremony that is open from all

sides as a symbol that the bride and groom will build a life together still welcoming people to their new

home without prejudice. There is also wine drinking in between the ceremony as a sign of joy for the

bride and groom as the rabbi pronounced them as one. Right after the ceremony, Yarik did the famous

Jewish traditional glass breaking ritual using his right foot.

After the wedding, Vera and Yarik went to a “Yichud room” and the rabbi gave them food and drinks

for they have not eaten all day due to the fasting since morning, a firm Jewish tradition. Then they posed

as a newlywed couple in a library with big old books and antique furniture. They also went outside and

again pose around the scenery outside where they are wed. Vera felt like she is really a princess because

of the medieval structures of the place. Still at the outdoors with the sun smiling towards a beautiful

moment, the bridesmaids posed together with Vera with a classic look and a cheerful smile while the

groomsmen with Yarik go for crazy and youthful poses. This really captured how the wedding has

become a delight to all.

Then the reception came with its detailed table setting that surely looked similar to fine dining and

the highlight of the reception is the four layered cake accented with green colored pearl-like beads. The

floral decoration goes for a simple but classic look with its white flowers and a touch of pink ones; you

would absolutely imagine that you are in a royal reception.

The program started and it was amusing. The chairs of Vera and Yarik were raised while they are

seated on it; this is also an important part of the Jewish wedding tradition. The parents of the newlywed

gave their speeches and everyone got really emotional especially when Yarik danced with her mother

and Vera danced with her father. It was such a surprise when the couple presented a dance with the

outfits changed and everyone had a great time watching the two dance performances in an upbeat


Truly Vera and Yarik’s wedding day was unforgettable. But above all the wedding ceremony, the

shoots, the reception, and the fun is the love they have for each other; the love that declares a lifetime

promise of bliss and contentment.

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