Intimate Hindu Backyard Wedding

Aunshu and Arjun’s Hindu Wedding

Today we share a festival of color with you as Aunshu and Arjun get married during a beautiful Hindu ceremony.

This was an intimate micro wedding with a small gathering of family and friends and you can hardly tell in the photos, but it all happened in their backyard.

With much happiness and love, this traditional Indian ceremony was extremely joyful and the couple was smiling for most of the time, except during the solemn rituals.

The shiny jewels, the lush fabrics, stylish decorations and luxury bridal accessories are all a part of every Indian wedding we do the photography for. Bright color combinations and decadent details make our hearts sing and this couple certainly delivered with the elaborate wedding decor and outfits.

Arjun got ready at home with his family and looked grand in a gold traditional Indian outfit with red accents. Aunshu wore all red with gold detailing, gorgeous bejeweled accessories and freshly-applied henna on her hands and feet. A thick ring of jasmine was wrapped around her hair and covered with the bridal dupatta. We caught some sweet moments between the bride and her mother as they were getting ready together.

The indian wedding ceremony set-up was stunning with a mandap made from soft colors and florals. The room was draped with pastel, white and gold material and flower stands lined the aisle. Ganesha statues sat at the top of the aisle. It was a grand and majestic sight.

The handsome groom entered first in a joyous and festive parade of family and friends. After some rituals, the bride joined him under the beautiful mandap. It was a joyous occasion with much happiness being expressed. The pundit guided the couple and their guests through the rituals of the Hindu wedding ceremony.

The couple exchanged garlands and walked around the fire and received many blessings during the sacred ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, friends and family threw fresh petals over the couple, who were smiling radiantly.

Your Hindu wedding photographer team loves to document Indian wedding couples in the natural light if there is time. Sometimes the ceremonies carry on past dark, so it’s not always possible. On this day, we had plenty of time so we took our newlyweds around the local neighborhood for some candid wedding photography.

Aunshu and Arjun were dancing effortlessly in the afternoon sun and looked so glorious in their wedding attire. We captured some lovely couple portraits for their wedding album. Their bond and connection is easy to see and our whole photography team was so happy to see their wedding day turn out just perfectly.

In Toronto and all around Ontario, we have a strong reputation as the best Hindu wedding photographer and videographer team. Our team has decades of experience between them and a gorgeous portfolio that speaks for itself.

We always count our blessed to be documenting so many weddings from different cultures, including Indian. We take our work very seriously and always strive to exceed our clients and their families’ expectations. If you are planning your wedding, we would love to hear from you. 


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