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Jacqueline and RJ incorporated the winter wedding vibes into their lovely Hindu wedding, even stepping out into the snow for intimate couple portraits. Enjoy this collection of our favorite images from their wedding day that shows their unique style and great fashion sense. 

Now, you might not expect the terms micro wedding Toronto and Indian wedding to go together. But due to Covid restrictions, it had to be a small Indian wedding. Regardless of the small guest count, it was a beautiful day and with hearts bursting with love, they got married with their closest friends and family. 

The bride prepared for the hindu wedding ceremony at home as the snow fell outside. We knew we had a stylish bride when we saw the black and gold wedding invitations, red boots with heels, gold bride hanger and a bouquet of white peonies. She wore a velvet red and gold lehenga adorned with jewels for her wedding attire. Intricate henna designs on her hands and feet looked regal. What a gorgeous bride and her father waiting at the bottom of the stairs certainly agreed. They navigated the snow and got into the bridal car and word was sent to the groom and guests that the bride was on her way.

The ceremony was at the Hindu Heritage Centre, one of Canada’s biggest Hindu temples. The Mississauga temple is 25,000 square feet and Hindus from Toronto, around Ontario and even other provinces in Canada travel to worship there. 

The colors of the mandap were rich orange tones with gold accents. RJ was dressed in a style black traditional Indian outfit with gold trimmings and accessories. Seeing an Indian groom dressed in black is not common and we loved the chic, stylish look that suited him and the winter wedding. Your Hindu wedding photographer always loves something different and unique on a wedding day and Jacqueline and RJ impressed us over and over again. 

It was a serene, happy time with many rituals and traditions woven into the ceremony, including prayers, the garland exchange and traditional walk around the fire. It was a significant and joyous occasion. 

After the ceremony, the couple cut their wedding cake. The double-tiered cake was decorated with a gold cake topper with their initials and flowers. Then the stunning newlyweds were happy to go outside for the romantic snowy bridal portraits. We took some with them under an umbrella and then they even stood in the snow without the umbrella for some candid wedding photography images. It was a beautiful sight and the results were stunning. You have to love a winter wedding!

If you are having a micro wedding Toronto we understand how important the wedding photography is for you both. We are dedicated to documenting the day perfectly for you and also all your family and friends who weren’t there on the day. 

We are proud of our reputation as one of the top Hindu wedding photographer teams in all of Ontario. If you are planning your big day, please do drop us a line. We offer photography and videography services for wedding couples who love modern, creative work. We would love to hear from you.

Venue: Hindu Heritage Centre

Address: 6300 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N 1A7, Canada

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