Natalie & Stef | Hacienda Sarria Wedding Photos

Natalie and Stef are the new couples in town that are so happy to have finally tied the nuptial to spend the rest of their lives together. Their wedding was so radiant, natural and reflects what a wedding represents; a union of two bodies.

The wedding taking place in Hacienda Sarria, a gothic and romantic wedding destination in Southern Ontario made the occasion special and unforgettable for guests. It also provided a wonderful background to capture the happy moments for the couple. The Hacienda Sarria is a world-class and European style architecture for weddings.

The wedding was held at the outdoors of the Hacienda Sarria. The sun smiled upon the area blending with the greeneries to accentuate the decorations. Seats were neatly arranged for guests to sit and witness the vow exchange. After the nuptial knot tying, the newly wedded couple posed for shots.


The European style architecture of the Hacienda Sarria and the sun and the greeneries were in good terms with the camera and us. Standing on the walkway, they struck different poses and all of them depicted their undying and deep love for each other. Their poses just showed how much they desire each other.

The wedding reception venue was mesmerizing. White drapes, illuminated crossing bulbs and the neatly arranged chairs around the round table took the occasion to a completely new level. Delicious cuisines and world-class service were enough to give the guests a treat they deserve. The venue also offered the couple and us experimental moments that took our breath away.


I was able to capture Natalie & Stef as they put on their dancing shoes and hit the dancing floor. I was opportune to capture every beautiful moment that the Hacienda Sarria helped create for the couples. It was an experience I will never forget.

Only the photos explain better how the Hacienda Sarria in Ontario is a destination for romance and love. Thank you Natalie & Stef for making it possible for my crew and me to experience the beauty of Hacienda Sarria and your romantic wedding as well.