Guild Inn Estate Wedding Photos & Videos

One of the best things that could ever happen in anyone’s life is seeing a childhood dream come ture, right in front of their eyes. There is nothing like the long waiting, the long, doubtful days, weeks and years, and then finally see it unravel right before you. Here at Focus Productions, Toronto’s best wedding photography and wedding studio, we witnessed a glorious and magnificent moment right before our eyes, as the lovers Aprille and Jason, exchanged vows and promised to love and cherish each other for the rest of their days.


We are not only well aware that moments like these, dreams coming true, are truly sentimental for the lives of the people involved. But also, that these memories must be captured true to its nature, as smooth and perfect as possible. Not because moments like these will be forgotten then, but because of the opposite. These moments are unforgettable, and not only lives in film but also in the hearts of the couple and their loved ones.


Thus we recall our work with Nicole and Ronald, on their – as stated – truly unforgettable wedding day, held last May 28th, 2017 with a solemn ceremony and a joyous wedding reception at the grandiose and mesmerizing Guild Inn Estate.The photos that shows the snippets of the eventful day truly makes us a little bit teary. From their wedding bands and their clothing items, it’s truly a nice to lookback on such beautiful day. Aprille, the beautiful bride, walks in her wedding dress and a fresh bouquet of flowers in hand towards her now husband, Ronald. Slow, little steps taken. And finally, the two meet, held hands and shared a kiss. It is scenes like these that symbolizes the fate that brought these two together.


Emotions gushed all throughout the venue. A moment shared by the couple and their loved ones. But as you go through the photos further down, scenes from the morning wedding rituals, the preparations and photo shoots, up to the wondrous ceremony, the exchanging of vows and leading up to the wedding reception festivities, our highlight reel ultimately gave a wrap up of the day’s fun-filled moments. Moments which were truly beyond words. And we here at Focus Productions, Toronto’s top photography and cinematography registry of the world’s best weddings, are truly grateful and joyous to be a part and witness this wonderful occasion as Aprille and Jason begin their lives together as husband and wife. From here on, we wish them all the best in their marriage and may it be a long and happy one.



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