Graydon Hall Wedding | Hala & AJ

Wedding at Graydon Hall, a royal wedding in a mesmerizing setting

Mature, sorted but romantic, here is a couple you would like to meet often. Hala and AJ tied their knot at the Graydon Hall, Toronto. We were lucky to be their Toronto wedding photographer and videographer. We began the album with a royal photo of the couple in a richly decorated room. This photo sets the tone of their wedding album. Let us view the album in detail now.

Hala chose a gown in white for the wedding. It has intricate sequinned work that made it look royal. The wedding ring had a big solitaire in the middle along with small diamonds circling it. This exclusive ring deserved special treatment and so we filmed it against the gown and also the window panel. Hala is a fashionable girl. She meticulously chose her accessories and shoes. We have shot them separately to give you an idea about her taste.

She chose a lovely hairdo to match her royal gown. The stunning hair accessories completed her look. She took time to get ready and we had a ball shooting these scenes. She specially posed for us with her wedding bouquet.

In the meantime, AJ was also busy dressing up. He wore a formal outfit, complete with matching watch and shoes.

It was time for the bride to meet the groom and we were there to capture this memorable moment. In the car, they had some private moments. Back in the hotel room, against the rich curtains and a huge chandelier, we took some romantic shots of the couple. Check out more photos of them in the library and on the staircase.

Graydon Hall wedding of Hala and AJ

The Graydon Hall has a majestic look. The towering building with its huge windows and trees all around is an ideal place to shoot romantic photos.

Wait for more surprises. The wedding reception was luxuriously decorated. There were beautiful bouquets, a huge cake with all the friends and relatives waiting for the couple. The decoration also reflected the taste of Hala and AJ. The cookies counter looked exceptionally delectable. It really made our jobs as toronto wedding photographers easy. 

The newlywed couple participated in the customary wedding games. A band entertained the guests with lovely music. Hala and AJ danced to romantic numbers. Her parents and friends also joined her on the dance floor, amidst cheers. It was thrilling to watch everyone enjoying themselves. We have tried to capture all these loving moments through our lenses.

We wish AJ and Hala a happy married life. May all their dreams come true.

Venue: Graydon Hall, Toronto.

Address: 185 Graydon Hall Dr, Toronto, ON M3A 3B1, Canada

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