Eglinton Grand Wedding Photos



“Dreams do come true” is an opinion that’s certainly shared by us here at Focus Production, Toronto’s best wedding photography and cinematography studio. And one particular story of a dream that’s sincerely made itself come to life is that of Gaby and Bane, a superbly dashing couple who held their truly timeless wedding day just this past year at a favorite venue of our videographers and cinematographers, Eglinton Grand.


No matter which way you’d slice it, Gaby and Bane’s would seal-the-deal with an unmistakably magical wedding day that would leave anyone breathless. And we are so proud to have captured the moments of their first lives together. It is truly memorable and exquisite.


For Gaby and Bane, the day was truly a dream come true. As the morning wedding rituals go on and the events unfold, we captured the beautiful moments they shared. And even when it rained, it didn’t stop the couple from enjoying the time of their lives. After all, there’s nothing more to worry about when they have each other. And these wedding photos revealed just that. As the day goes on, it was a delight for our photographers and video graphers to capture such a sweet and humble wedding full of love.


In between the several fun shots taken in and around the Eglinton Grand as well as the University of Toronto for the photoshoot. For the ceremony and the wedding reception, the newlyweds joined their guests for a fantastic night of festivity to mark the ecstatic occasion at the Eglinton Grand. With that, Gaby and Bane’s first dance, an immaculate and royal moment whose sentiment escapes mere words, are all featured in our highlight for you to enjoy.


Though how our videographers and cinematographers chose to end the reel was rather special, a final shot of Gaby and Bane gleemingly dancing on the first dance as man and wife and with the final scene of he wedding band, artistically placed, spinning. To conclude, we here at Focus Productions, wish Gaby and Bane all the very best in their future together, and hope as they do as well that all their dreams be fulfilled to the fullest.