Doctor's House Wedding Videography

Katie And Andrew’s Gorgeous Wedding

Katie woke up early on her wedding day. She was so excited the chinese wedding day had finally arrived. Her family had decorated the house the day before to prepare for the Chinese tea ceremony. Her beautiful red and gold cheongsam was hanging up with satin shoes to match. 

Soon her side of the bridal party arrived and a team of hair and make-up artists created beautiful bridal styles for everyone. Katie had prepared boxes of personalized gifts for her bridesmaids and they gave her a big group hug to say thank you. It was time to get dressed because soon the groom and his side of the bridal party would arrive for the traditional Chinese wedding crashing games. 

The moments on Andrew’s Rolex watch were ticking by too slowly. He couldn’t wait to see his bride. He was dressed and ready in his smart dark blue suit with bow tie nice and early. Finally his groomsmen arrived and they headed to Katie’s house to see what challenges the bridesmaids had prepared to make Andrew prove his love and devotion.

Your Toronto wedding videographer is a big fan of these hilarious games because you wouldn’t believe the creativity and thought that goes behind the chinese wedding crashing games. The girls really enjoy making the boys do silly, painful and difficult tasks all in good fun and lightheartedness. 

Katie’s girl tribe looked gorgeous in deep burgundy dresses as they greeted the men at the front door. Smiling sweetly they accepted his gift of money in the red envelope then made them limbo down low under the ribbon barriers. Eventually they passed the tests and questioning and Andrew was allowed upstairs to see his lovely bride.

Katie’s mother put her daughter’s hand in Andrew’s and they were officially together. Soon a little rain fell and they say its good luck on a wedding day, and it was time to go to the church in Doctor’s House Kleinburg. 

Katie had changed into a white bridal gown that was lacy and feminine. She wore a veil and carried a fresh flower bouquet in colors to match the bridal party dresses. 

Katie’s father walked her down the aisle towards Andrew and the minister. The ceremony was emotional and sentimental. Andrew’s vows were full of gratitude and love for his bride. Katie told Andrew that he was the love of her life. When the minister announced the happy couple as man and wife they kissed and walked down the aisle hand-in-hand. 

In front of the Kleinburg Doctor’s House doors, the couple kissed with the bridal party cheering them on. The rain had stopped so we were able to get gorgeous footage of everyone outside. Soon it was time for the wedding reception. Katie swapped her veil for a trendy crystal headpiece and was ready for the celebrations to begin. The overjoyed couple danced into their reception to the loud applause of their family and friends. Everyone celebrated the couple with a night full of good times.

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