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Casa loma wedding | Ivy & Yong

\We love a beautiful Casa Loma wedding and we had been looking forward to Ivy and Yong’s big day since their romantic engagement photo shoot earlier in the year.

We started the day at Ivy’s home as she prepared for the Chinese wedding crashing games and traditional tea ceremony. The bride’s mother helped her get ready before her bridesmaids arrived for our getting ready photo session.

Ivy looked beautiful in a traditional Chinese dress and luxury bridal accessories. The bridesmaids wore baby blue dresses with lace details and had gorgeous bouquets with pink, blue and white flowers. All the color added to the bright and cheery mood that is always in the air as the Chinese games begin.

Yong was confident he could answer many physical and mental challenges the girls had in store for him. Getting to his bride was his mission and he finally managed to get through. He presented his bride with her bouquet, slipped her red shoes on for her and then the more serious tea ceremony proceeded. The bridesmaids served the tea and it was a beautiful family event.

Ivy changed into her white bridal gown and the couple traveled together in a classic vintage car to their much-awaited Casa Loma wedding. We joined up with the bridal party for photos around the beautiful grounds of the historic mansion and gardens.

You can have your dream of tying the knot at a castle and living happily ever after with a Casa Loma wedding ceremony. It’s debatable if the interiors or exteriors of Casa Loma wedding are more stunning. Ivy’s veil blew in the wind as she held hands with her prince and they wandered around the luxury property. Inside we captured those iconic library portraits. That library is so gorgeous and old-worldly that we are sure some brides want a Casa Loma wedding for that room alone.

The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous, with a white aisle scattered with petals and the couple’s names and wedding date monogrammed onto it. At the end, there were flower stands and lots of greenery and unique church-like windows.

We are not sure who looked more nervous, the little ring bearer or the groom, but as soon as the bride arrived at the altar with her parents, everyone relaxed. A very moving and joyful ceremony followed and Ivy and Yong kissed as they were announced man and wife and again in the middle of the aisle and again at the end of the aisle. Love was all around!

At the reception, the charming succulent centerpieces were a décor feature the guests adored. There was dancing and dining, laughter, fun and games and everyone had the best evening they could remember.

Ivy had changed to a blue gown matching her bridesmaids, so we sneaked away for some more couple portraits in a grand room complete with a piano.

We are waiting to hear all about your chinese wedding plans and are keen to send you info about wedding photography and videography packages. Until then, a big congratulations on your engagement!

Venue: Casa Loma

Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON M5R 1X8, Canada

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