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Amanda & Jacob | Casa Loma Wedding Photos

Recently, focus photography, toronto wedding photographer team was given an opportunity to work at one of the most beautiful venues in Toronto: Casa Loma. This stunning historic building is nestled within lush greenery and offers breathtaking views for your wedding day photos!

We had the privilege of capturing Amanda and Jacob’s wedding day. From their stunning venue to all those wonderful moments, it was one of our favourites! we love weddings where couples enjoy themselves fully while they’re on their special day-embracing laughter and tears alike. It’s clear throughout this process how much the bride and groom cared about every single person in attendance as well – from family members down to friends who have been there since forever (and ones just meeting them!).

Capturing moments like this remind us why we decided to become a wedding photographer. It was hard to narrow down which photos from our day are worth sharing on here!

What a great day it was for Amanda and Jacob! we loved how they had their reception in the glass pavilion outside. It’s no secret that we all love outdoor weddings, but this one really took our breath away with its beauty–especially during such hot weather too; like summer hottest days temperatures (which happened to be).

Florist – Precious Flowers

Decor – Decor and Fiesta

Hair and Makeup – Jen Evoy

Musicians – ONQ Live

Event Planner – Blush Events

Dress – Mona Richi

Photo booth – Focusbooth

The beauty and elegance of Casa Loma is unmatched in Toronto. The historic landmark offers a one-of-a kind backdrop, perfect for any event space. With its impressive 60ft ceiling as well as original library spaces that can serve double duty while providing an elegant reception experience with dining possibilities among the pieces of history this place holds within itself you’ll be hard pressed to find another venue in Canada quite like it!

Completed in 1914 at what was then known simply just “Castle,” today’s museum style building stands out amongst other nearby wedding joint location.

A one-of-a kind venue with a lush garden and magnificent view, Casa Loma is an ideal place for your wedding. Whether you’re looking to exchange vows under shady trees or celebrate romantic proposals atop the terrace on your big day–we’ve got it covered! The estate grounds feature lavish fountains as well as unique sculptures that make this property truly unforgettable in every way imaginable. Casa loma wedding photos are just one of a kind.

The Conservatory Room

The stunning conservatory is a historic venue in Toronto, Ontario. The room has natural light and plant life throughout making it an exquisite place to hold your wedding or special event! You’ll have breathtaking views of Casa Loma gardens from every window as well.

Casa Loma Glass Pavilion

Dine and dance under the stars with a view of Casa Loma as it sets before you. This is an experience that will be long remembered by all who attend, especially those having their wedding photos, engagement shoot or other event there!

Casa Loma Library

The Library is a place where history and books come alive. A perfect location for your special event, the antique wooden panels will give you that refined feel with an added touch of elegance as well! This is the location where most casa loma wedding reception is held at.

Terrace and Grounds

Imagine your wedding ceremony being conducted among the flowers and greenery of Casa Loma’s gardens, with a stunning view overlooking Toronto from above. The grounds are impeccably maintained so that this fairytale continues into all aspects you delicately bring together for guests to enjoy after their special day is done! This location is best for the wedding ceremony and photo shoot.


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We compiled some most recently asked FAQ about casa loma for you


Can you take pictures in casa loma?

yes, you are permitted to photograph everywhere, including inside the tunnels, Castle, towers.

Can you get married in Casa loma?

Yes you can, you can inquire for your wedding day here


What movies were filmed in casa loma?

Casa Loma is a popular location for use in film and television. It has served as a location for movies such as X-Men, Strange Brew, Chicago, The Tuxedo, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Warehouse 13, Crimson Peak, Descendants, Twitches, Twitches Too, The Pacifier, and Titans where it stands in for Wayne Manor.