Ancaster Mill Winter Wedding

The first thing you would notice in Lindsay is her eyes. Calm, deep and meaningful, they take you to another world. She exudes a calmness that makes everyone get comfortable around her. The same thing happened to us when we met her. Matt is a cool guy. He loves to crack jokes, and enjoy himself. We were asked to take their Ancaster Mill wedding photos.

We decided to keep people under suspense. So, we began the wedding album with the snap of the wedding gown that too hung at the far end of the corridor. We loved the way light and shadow played in the corridor creating a dramatic effect. We loved the jewelry Lindsay chose for herself. The wedding ring was a gorgeous one. We clicked it against the darkness to capture the glitter of the diamonds. What do you think of this snap?

Here comes Lindsay, her usual calm self, getting ready for the wedding. Her beautiful eyes were highlighted prompting us to focus on them.

Matt is a romantic person. He had sent her a long letter in a wooden box. An old picture of them was framed on the lid of the box. Such a sweet gesture! I am sure whenever Lindsay would look at that box memories would gush to her mind.

The wedding invitation cards were simple but classic. We liked the way they have been designed. Here are a few close shots of them for you to see.

Matt walked in first with his parents and was followed by Lindsay, who was accompanied by her father. Doesn’t Matt look handsome in his navy blue suit?

Like a princess, Lindsay walked in, the white mermaid gown, the long veil and the white bouquet making her look stunning. With her million dollar smile, she won everybody’s heart.

The wedding was attended by their close friends and relatives. The bridesmaids looked elegant in their off-white gowns. Amidst much banter Lindsay and Matt exchanged the rings. The first kiss was a passionate one with the newlyweds embracing each other lovingly.

It was a winter wedding. We decided to make the most of the scenic beauty of Ancestor Mill. The bare branches, dried twigs and the fountain created a striking backdrop. Just look at the snap in which the couple is standing against the wall with the fountain flowing past them. Winter weddings are made of such magical moments.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen enjoyed pulling the legs of the newlyweds. It was fun watching them.

At the reception, the tables were beautifully decorated with natural objects like leaves and twigs. They brought life to the wintry evening.

The Ancestor Mill wedding photos were fun to take with such a lively couple. We wish Lindsay and Matt a world full of joy and happiness. Feel free to head to our wedding photography page for our services


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