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What is a Micro Wedding and is it worth it?


Before we explain why micro weddings and small wedding venues are on a rise. Did you know that weddings these days cost over $30,000 on average, and the average guest count has come to 150 people which are a lot. Planning a wedding in this era is a hefty task and the number of money people invest in it is even heftier. Keeping in mind covid19 restrictions on wedding ceremony and wedding reception. This usually leaves couples confused and stressed which is the opposite they are supposed to feel at the thought of marriage. You and your other half must have laughed at the idea of eloping, but if you can’t seem to ignore all tradition, then why not have a micro wedding?

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What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding refers to a very small wedding ceremony consisting of not more than 50 people, keeping covid19 restrictions in mind. Our toronto wedding photography team brought in the pros with micro wedding packages to help you have a small intimate micro wedding but still make it feel like a grand affair. Many toronto wedding planner confesses to stopping so many couples on the way to the courthouse to get married because they just could not handle the stress that comes with planning a wedding ceremony. It’s not like you get married every day, so why not make it special and memorable. So, we suggests our micro wedding clients grab a few special friends and family and get married somewhere which is close to your heart. It could be the park or even your backyard. The choices are endless because you can fit the small-sized guest list anywhere in a micro wedding. This eliminates the need for live music, and an open bar. 


Be Creative!

Having a Micro Wedding has its perks, a limited number of guests mean you don’t have to worry about going over the budget and you have fewer things to plan which means that you will be able to enjoy the whole process of planning your wedding rather than getting stressed over planning a huge event. You can let your imagination run wild and pick out fun spots to get married; you could fit your guest list anywhere while complying with covid19 restrictions, from your favorite park to any café, museum, or gallery for micro weddings.  This way you can cut on the costs of decoration and renting seating arrangements with micro wedding packages because these destinations are already so aesthetically pleasing and usually have a seating area available. View above to see what our micro wedding package includes. 


First Pick A Venue

One of the most important steps of wedding planning whether big or small is to pick a wedding venue so that you can figure out the seating capacity of that venue and create your number of guest list accordingly.  Our toronto wedding photography team suggest you to take into consideration if you would want an open bar, or live music in micro weddings. 


Make Sure The Basics Are Covered

Our toronto wedding photography team says that the three most important things that make a wedding planning successful are music, food, and open bar. At weddings, people come together to celebrate love and have a good time together. Food is the main thing whereas the alcohol and music help make sure that everyone has a blast. Start with these basics and then add fancier things that give an edge to the event, you can add flowers, décor, and other secondary things according to your budget. Keep in mind with any covid19 restrictions at your area.  View above for what our micro wedding package includes. 

micro wedding toronto

Dress Up!

It doesn’t matter if your wedding’s number of guests, this day is all about you and your other half so get dressed up. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an expensive gown or Tuxedo, Just wear something special that makes you feel amazing. This helps enhance the wedding pictures and when your kids and grandchildren will look back at your wedding photos they will be awestruck at how amazing you both looked on your wedding day ceremony reception.


Invest In A Photographer!

This day is all about creating memories and having good pictures is a must. So, make sure you hire a photographer. You don’t have to pay a big amount of money to the photographer. Talk to them and create your small inexpensive package. This way you will be able to capture each special moment such as the expressions of your groom when he sees you for the first time in your wedding dress and have them with you forever.


Take Help From The Pro’s

You don’t have to hire a full time toronto wedding planner or a florist for micro weddings, just consult your local event planner and work with them on hourly rates so that they can assist you with planning the more complex things. You can contact your florist and tell them to make your small flower arrangements rather than huge ones due to the limited number of guests so that you can decorate the venue beautifully without spending a huge amount of money.

Get creative with your favorite bakery and customize a smaller cake for your special day because you don’t have to have a full-blown three-tier cake, having a small guest list allows you to have a smaller wedding cake. It all depends on your vision for your wedding day you can easily cut costs on the things that you don’t care about that much and use the saved money to invest in things that you love.


Make It Special and Meaningful

Our toronto wedding photography team advise couples to make it sentimental and write vows and promises for each other that they can read out to each other in front of the people that mean the most to them. Adding in these sentimental elements makes the day even more special and memorable, you can make your dog walk down the aisle with you or add some elements of your mother’s wedding dress into yours. These little things give micro weddings so much meaning and value.


Plan A Good Experience For Your Guests

Having a small micro weddings ( even with covid 19 restrictions ) means that the guests that are going to attend your wedding are some of the most special people to you. So, Make sure you add in some personal elements to their wedding invitation or seating area to enhance their experience. You could leave special notes on each person’s seat thanking them for the roles they play in your life. These small special touches help strengthen your connection with all those people and make the day special for you and everyone that is a part of it so that the day can live on in everyone’s memory for the rest of their lives.


Micro weddings are the way to go! 

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