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Promotional Package Add Ons


Quite simple – weddings less than 300 guest = 1 photographer + 1 videographer

More than 300 guest = 2 photographers 

So how does the morning getting ready work?

  • We head to the groom side ( 30 to 45 minutes ) then head to the bride side. 

Add Another Photographer for Full Day $1500

Add Another Videographer for Full Day $1500

Minus Engagement Session From Package – Subtract $200

Upgrade 2 Members to 15 Hours Coverage $1000

We work with your shot list, inspiration board, and also customize your video with your song choices and style. 

Same Day Edits are edited on the day itself, creating a recap highlight of your wedding day ready to play during reception.

The client is responsible for the projector and audio. We deliver a usb with the digital files for you / DJ.

Same day edits generally span 3 to 5 minutes ( one song chosen by client )


If you choose to have a same day edit + short feature film, we recommend having the short feature film a different length vs the same day edit.

The short feature film length options are ( 3 to 5 minutes, 8 to 10 minutes, and 15 to 20 minutes ), we suggest choosing 8 to 10 minutes / 15 to 20 minutes option in order to have a different flow than your same day edit ( the choice is up to you of course! )

Same day edit and feature film generally feature the same clips, we encourage clients to purchase only one of it.

Our team uses Sony A series, Canon C-100s, Canon mark 3 to mark 5 series for cinematography. We also use steadycams, monopods, and also drones ( additional fee, also dependent on weather and flying permit ) for mobility.

For our audio department, we attached a wireless microphone to the groom during the ceremony, and also a recorder to the DJ for the reception speeches ( dependent on the DJ having an audio output )

In the rare occasion, a wireless microphone might pick up radio signals, it is always advised to have your guest turn off their cell phones during outdoor ceremonies.

It is dependent on weather / flying permit.

The client is not responsible for any damages to the drone caused by weather or flying conditions or human error.

Short feature film consist a HIGHLIGHT of your day. ( Options between 3 to 5 minutes | 8 to 10 minutes | 15 to 20 minutes )

Full feature film is a CHRONOLOGICAL order for your wedding day ( Minimum length of 1 hour ).

Our team brings in extra cameras and backup equipments.

In the situation where camera error happens that is out of our control, we will use the backup camera, which will also be shot in the same resolution ( high definition ) for your event. Client’s understanding is appreciated regarding the slight time lost between transition of our artist switching cameras.

Videos are delivered in high definition mp4 format, available for online download.

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Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa

The Markham Convention Centre, ideally situated in the northern part of Scarborough, Ontario, offers an accessible and convenient location for events, being in close proximity to Markham, Richmond Hill, and easily reachable from downtown Toronto. This advantageous location is complemented by ample parking space, ensuring a hassle-free commute for guests. The centre itself has been meticulously designed to emanate an aura of warmth, luxury, and elegance, making it a prime choice for a range of banquets. With its 29,000 square foot ball

room, the venue is adept at accommodating a variety of events, from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. Whether hosting a wedding, a social event, or a corporate function, the space can be tailored to fit seating arrangements for groups ranging from 120 to 900 guests. The Markham Convention Centre, with its versatile and impressive ballroom, stands as a symbol of sophistication and grandeur, ready to transform any event into a memorable occasion that leaves a lasting impression on all who attend.

At the Markham Convention Centre, the emphasis on providing exceptional service is paramount. Understanding the complexities and pressures of event planning, the team at the centre adopts a project management approach to ensure every event is well-organized, efficient, and enjoyable. This methodical approach, combined with

a keen eye for detail, ensures that each event is not only meticulously planned but also exudes warmth and hospitality. The team views each event from both an organizer’s and a guest’s perspective, focusing on the nuances that elevate the overall experience. This dual viewpoint enables the centre to offer service that is both exceptional and thoughtful, creating an environment where guests feel welcomed and cherished. From the initial stages of planning to the final execution, the Markham Convention Centre is committed to transforming requirements and expectations into a seamlessly orchestrated and delightful event, making it a standout venue for anyone looking to host an event in an exquisite and service-oriented setting.

Address: 2901 Markham Rd, Toronto, ON M1X 0B6, Canada