Lens For Wedding Photography

Wedding photography has become a unique specialty in photography. With different genres like fashion, architectural, family, travel, and products all in it, the demand for the best photography is no joke and quite high. As a photographer, especially if you deal with weddings, then you need to stay atop this demand level.


Any good DSLR is wasted, if not matched with a great lens. 

In order to do this, and deliver a complete and perfect wedding photography product, you’re going to need topnotch lenses that can produce out of the world wedding photos. Here are five (5) must-have lenses for wedding photography.

24-70mm. f/2.8

A MUST HAVE lens for your wedding photography session, a perfect 24-70mm. This lens is great for locations that are limited in space. 


For example, when it’s time for a tea ceremony at a Chinese wedding. Most times this ceremony is done in a living room, and there may be no room to use the likes of 70-200mm, the 24-70mm comes in handy here as you don’t have much room for movement.


24 – 70mm lens is always a workhorse for the weddings we shoot. A MUST HAVE if you’re turning professional. 

70-200mm f/2.8

In terms of weight, the 70-200mm f/2.8 is quite big and bulky. You could say it’s even heavy. However, it’s my favorite lens.  Going for wedding photography without this lens is like me going into a battle without any arms. Its versatility makes it a powerhouse as it gives you stunning sharpness at all focal lengths.


This lens has the capability of producing beautiful bokeh at f/2.8. This particular quality makes you a “ninja” at the wedding. With a fair distance away, you could still capture all the moments from where you are.


Suitable for ceremony , reception. 

105mm (100mm) or 60mm macro lens

Macro lenses are great, especially when it comes to capturing details. When it’s time to capture those stunning images of rings, pieces of jewelry, accessories, and the likes in close detail? A macro lens is your best bet. 

85mm prime. f/1.2. & f/1.4

This happens to be another favorite lens most photographers would have in their bag for wedding photography.


When it comes to portrait photos of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, guests in small groups, or any small group of 2-10 in the party, you can never go wrong with an 85mm. No matter the photo shoot location, this is a MUST USE. 



It gives cleaner portraits, creamier backgrounds, and it can take fabulous shots in low light conditions. Did we mention how BEAUTIFUL the bokeh is?

16-35mm. f/2.8

The 16-35mm lens goes live at the party when the coverage is a bit wider than what a 24-70mm could handle. This lens is more like an open space lens. Thanks to its ultra-wide-angle, it can capture the environment and all the beautiful things in it. You can use this lens to take shots of the venue’s exterior, landscape, and some other beautiful scenes.