Ideas for a Perfect Wedding Favour

Ideas for a Perfect Wedding Favour in Toronto


Ideas for a Perfect Wedding Favour in TorontoWeddings are attended by guests not only for the ceremony and the reception, but also for the wedding favours given before they leave. Having a wedding souvenir is the basis if a guest attended the wedding or not. In most weddings, the couples will just have to order their party favours from a vendor. Party favours can get really expensive depending on the couples preferred design and material and they cannot ensure the uniqueness of the product if would just depend on the vendor’s products and packages. To avoid these issues about the wedding favours, they should consider a personalized wedding favor. Their guests will appreciate the effort and the uniqueness of the wedding, also it looks beautiful for your wedding photos in Toronto. Here are some ideas perfect for wedding favours:


The couple could print out sentiments; they could back it out with a colorful paper and chalk its edges. To add to the dimension, they could add some stickers or buttons. When the product is dry, they could attach it to an adhesive back magnet.

PERSONALZED PENCILS- This is a simple, but cute idea; the couple can buy a large number of colorful pencils. They can personalize it by attaching their favorite song lyrics or a phrase that is very meaningful for the couple. They can bind them in paper belly bands that can be customized with stickers and other fun designs.


The couple can personalize a store bought bag by using different craft supplies. Place a piece of paper in a painted square and add flowers as embellishments; to complete the look, punch some holes through the bag and on the paper then thread a ribbon through the box and tie it in a pretty bow.


For a very lip-smacking treat, the couple can send friends and families with bite sized delights that has different special message. They can personalize it with their own creative touches and can attach it in an acetate box with a paper background that coordinates well with the couple’s wedding theme and color.


To pull off this wedding favour, the couple must resemble the color of the bag and charms on the weddings sleek look. They could also add some potpourri to give the wedding favour a home décor feel.


This smart idea is done just by folding a patterned paper into a triangular shape, so that a tiny piece of chocolate can fit inside. The favours are perfect to be placed inside the wedding centerpiece for the guests to admire and take during the reception.


The couple can hand out a favour bag that is very useful for their guests. Fill the bags with tiny goodies and attach a small name tag in front of the bag for each guest. This can also make the guests feel important.


The couple can buy journals from the store as wedding reception accents and favours. If they chose a journal with a window on the cover, they can decorate the pages underneath with a short sentiment or with a tiny accent. If the journal is in solid form, they could use some stickers and chipboards to lighten up the colors.