How much does a wedding cost in Canada?

A wedding is an important milestone in your life. Many couples might have thought about their wedding after dating for a period of time, and some far-sighted ones may have even started saving up for it when things got serious. However, for those who have never been exposed to such events before, the price tag of a wedding can still come as a surprise. According to a poll conducted by Global News in 2015, the average price that Canadians thought realistic for a wedding was $8,937.

That was a huge difference from the average number that people were actually spending for their big day: $30,717.

So what are would-be brides and grooms spending their money on?

Based on a survey done by The Knot in 2018,

60% went to the wedding reception

10% was spent on the ceremony

photography and videography took up about 15%

a whopping 17% was spent on the engagement ring itself

The rest of the cost went to hiring a wedding planner, flowers and decoration, attires, transportation, stationery, and hair and makeup.

These numbers were calculated as an average amongst couples in different cities, with varying wedding styles. However, it is well known that throwing a party in the city can rack up a much higher bill than the average amount, and that holds true for Toronto. When asked how much a couple in Toronto can expect to spend for their big day, a local planner gave an estimate of $40,000 to $60,000.

A wedding is the most important event of any couples life. It is the first step that introduces them to their new lives together. Thus, every couple wants their wedding to be perfect. No one wants to cut any corners or settle for mediocrity on their big day.  That means that the entire wedding ceremony can rake up quite a hefty bill. On average couples in Canada spend about $30- 40k on their entire wedding. For any millennial couple with an average job, this can be quite a steep price. With a wedding, there are many things that come into play from what the priorities are, how grand they want to make and especially their location within Canada. All these can greatly affect the expenditures of a wedding. So what are some big-tickets that take up this $30k budget? Let’s find out.

wedding venue cost

how much does a toronto wedding venue cost?

8 - 10% of your wedding budget

Now the Venue is what most of your wedding budget will go towards. The other factors are also important for a wedding but without a location, the ceremony cannot take place. The bride and groom always want the most picturesque location for their wedding, after all, they will constantly look back on those pictures for years to come. There are many different costs that are associated with the wedding venue as well. First and foremost, the location. If you are looking to get a hall in downtown Toronto the estimate is much higher than if you pick a location off the main street. The size of your wedding party also matters when the cost is concerned. The more guests you have, the more space you’ll require the higher the cost per person. Some venues provide the food and services while in other locations, you will have to do that completely on your own. It is crucial that the wedding reception takes place at a prime location as this is the first thing your guests will notice at the wedding. The range of the cost of location including the catering services can range from $20,000- $25,000 but it can go upwards of $35,000 depending on the exact location and the size of the hall.

toronto wedding photographer and videographer cost

how much does toronto Wedding photographer and videographer cost?

15% - 18% of your wedding budget

You could have the most beautiful ceremony at the best venue, but it would all be a waste if the photographer and videographer can’t capture the moment with elegance and beauty. The wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of a wedding. You will be remembering your wedding day through their lens, therefore, you have to be sure you get the best one. The average cost of the wedding photographer and videographer will depend on what you are looking for. If you get a small team with one of 2 people, the wedding package can get a bit cheaper. On the other hand, you can also go all out with a large team and multiple shots from different angles. Since these multiple angles require more equipment and personnel, it ends up costing more. Another thing that you will have to decide is if you want photography and videography from the same company or different ones. If you choose them together it can actually end up saving you a bit of money. There are also other factors you may consider that could drive the price up. Another factor that can change the price is the number of events you want to be photographed. The engagement, fun group pictures, couple shoots etc can keep raising the price of the photographers. On average you are expected to spend around $5000- $8000.

how much does a Wedding Cake cost in toronto?

$600 - $800

When wedding planning, many couples also gear towards a nice wedding cake. The cake is a pivotal element that every wedding requires. However, a good cake is not cheap. The average cost of a nice two-tiered one gets at $600.If you wish to go higher with a 3 tiered cake, this price will notably increase. The size of it will also affect its price tag. The more guests you have, the larger the cake you will need and therefore higher the cost. One thing you will also need to know about and consider with your cake is the decorations. The beautiful cake will be captured in your wedding photos forever. Thus you have to make sure that it’s decorated with flowers and other embellishments so it looks and tastes delicious.

How much does a wedding dress and makeup cost?

8 - 10% Of wedding budget

One other group of items that take up a good chunk of your wedding budget is your wedding day fashion. That includes your dress and accessories, hair and makeup, groom’s attire, and wedding rings. The dress, as we know, can cost as much or as little as you want. Many brides think of their wedding dress as the most important garment in their lives, and are therefore willing to splurge on custom dresses from high end designers. Some, on the other hand, may not care as much about an expensive dress, and do not mind purchasing pre-loved gowns or less costly dresses from more affordable stores. It helps that many retailers like H&M and J.Crew are coming out with bridal lines, and you can even get a wedding gown from e-commerce sites like Amazon! As for the groom’s attire, the cost depends on whether you are purchasing the tux or renting it. A rented tux can cut the price down in half, but since a well-fitted, good quality suit can be an important item in a man’s wardrobe, it is not uncommon for grooms to spend a little more and buy one for himself. Besides, buying the tux will allow the option of customisation, where you can have something special, such as your initials, logo or wedding date embroidered on it for memory’s keepsake. The average price for a bridal gown is $2,000, and a groom’s tux costs about $800 if you buy it. In terms of wedding rings, the estimated price is $1,200; and a hair and makeup artist for the day of is about $500 for the bride alone.

How much does a Wedding Ring cost?

16% of wedding budget

The rings can also be another hefty cost associated with the wedding. There is some room for savings in this department though. The average cost of a wedding ring can be around $600 as a starting price. This can go upwards or downwards depending on what the couple is interested in. The bride and groom may prefer a simple band off Etsy which can end up costing much less or they might have very specific ideas in mind with customized rings costing a lot more. The average cost will be doubled if you include the engagement ring along with the wedding ones.

how much does Wedding stationeries cost?

est $2000

This may seem like an insignificant cost but in Toronto Canada, the costs can be roughly $2000 once all is done. When you think of the stationary, you probably only think of the wedding cards. However In reality the budget is for much more than that. There are many things that need planning in weddings. These include the RSVP cards, save the date cards,  hotel cards, maps, ceremony programs and menu cards along with a lot more. These items give an expensive and luxurious feel to the wedding. Therefore you should not skimp out on the stationary. 

How Much Does A Wedding planner cost?

12 cents per dollar of wedding budget

First and foremost you might be considering a wedding planner for your wedding. Normally when couples first start planning, they have no idea what they are doing. They don’t even know where to begin. There is plenty of stress associated with the wedding as is so they can make their lives easier. Since they are experienced they can take over and make sure things run smoothly. After all, you don’t want any mishaps on the day. A planner does not come cheap though, depending on your budget, an average planner can cost up to $3500-$5000. A good rule to follow with them is to pay 12 cents for every dollar you spend on the wedding. So, if your budget is $50k the person should not be paid more than $7k. Even though a wedding planner isn’t essential for every wedding and most of the time couples can manage without one either. However, on your big day, you’d rather leave it to the professionals.

Wedding planner divides their service up to : day of planning, full planning, month of planning.  Price varies. 

how much does wedding Wedding favours cost?

est $2000

Even an average wedding absolutely needs wedding favours. Without it, the guests will have nothing to remember the wedding by. When purchasing the favours in bulk, it can save you some money, the average price coming around $5 to $7 dollars per person in Toronto Canada. The average cost of a wedding favour will be around $450-$500 total depending on the number of guests you have. You might even consider getting specialized gifts for the wedding party but that can increase the wedding costs. A good idea for the gift is to choose something popular that your guests will appreciate. 

greek wedding

how much does wedding Wedding entertainment cost?

est $2000

As for DJ, audiovisual and entertainment, the price can go between $2,500 to $3,000. An experienced DJ costs an average of $1,750 in Toronto, and an audiovisual technician will require about $1,000. There are of course more economical options, and many venues provide in-house DJ and AV services for a cheaper fee.

As for entertainment, the most popular thing right now is a Photobooth. The cost of photo booth rentals vary, but the better ones are usually between $400 to $600 for 3 hours of service. The good thing about photobooths is that guests can have fun by themselves without needing much assistance, and at the end of the night, they have the print outs as a nice souvenir to remember the event by. Besides, it will be so fun for you to look over the goofy photos after your wedding day has passed!

how much does a wedding cost?

wedding budget breakdown

Average wedding cost in toronto - $35,000 - $55,000

  • Reception: 48-50%
  • Ceremony: 2-3%
  • Photography and videography: 10-12%
  • Wedding attire: 8-10%
  • Flowers and decor: 8-10%
  • Entertainment and music: 8-10%
  • Stationery: 2-3%
  • Wedding rings: 2-3%
  • Transportation: 2-3%
  • Gifts and favours: 2-3%
  • Others: 8%
To summarize, there are many costs associated with a wedding in Canada. The prices vary from city to city but in the main city like Toronto, the average wedding costs can get quite expensive. Along with this list, there are many other costs that you will also need to include in your budget from flowers to popular photo booths and much more. All these amounts need to be taken into consideration when you have to find the cost of a wedding.

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