How to Host a Perfect Casino Themed Wedding

How to Host a Perfect Casino Themed Wedding

How to Host a Perfect Casino Themed Wedding

A lot of couples today are looking for wedding themes that are different and can help them earn the ‘unique’ tag. They want to make their special day amazing without anything wrong.

While most individuals dream of fairy tales and weddings that are enchanting, one theme that is often overlooked is the casino theme.Online poker rooms became a rage ever since online poker became commonplace in the market and there’s no reason why couples should not think about having a casino theme for their weddings. If executed properly, a casino-themed wedding can just be exceptional. Here are some tips to ensure that your casino-themed wedding is unforgettable and every single thing organized is extraordinary:

Keep the theme classy
The ambience and atmosphere of casinos are generally considered negative with a dark and dingy feel to it. Therefore, make sure that you give your wedding a more Daniel Craig Casino Royale appeal than a Robert De Niro Casino appeal. Look at the finer details. Don’t go in for the clichéd red and black theme. Keep it classy by giving your staff the black tie look and let your guests follow suit. A lot of guests love getting excused to dress up, so if you do have guests who are in the classic sophisticated casino attire, it’ll give your photographer the perfect chance to capture magical moments.

Entertain your guests

Your wedding is definitely your big day but you do want your guests to be talking about it for years to come. So, you need to ensure that they don’t get bored at all. Start with what your theme is all about – casino tables. Hire trained dealers who can make your guests play the games. You can also rent a few slot machines to add fun to the party. If you feel playing with real money can make your guests uncomfortable and they may not want to lose their bucks, distribute monopoly money or fake chips as they enter. The purpose is to give them some entertainment and not make them actually gamble.

Make sure people remain focused
When the concept of destination weddings was introduced, people knew that the objective was to enjoy a wedding along with a vacation. It was not just another vacation for the guests. Moreover, people understood that not all age groups would gel with the idea and therefore, accommodations were made accordingly.

A casino theme can also do wonders but there’ll still be a grandmother or an old uncle who doesn’t adapt to the idea. Let guests know that this is your special day and you’re not encouraging them to gamble. If they start being too competitive, bring them down to Earth and tell them that they are there to attend your wedding and celebrate the love of two people. If you need to cut down on the amount of alcohol being served, so be it. The casino environment needs to make the overall experience more enjoyable, memorable, and exciting. Guests mustn’t forget that they are not at an actual casino but at your wedding.