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Mehndi Ceremony:

Gujarati Wedding

The Mehndi ceremony is a vibrant and artistic pre-wedding celebration. Intricate henna designs are applied to the bride’s hands and feet, often incorporating hidden initials of the groom. Apart from its ornamental value, mehndi is believed to bring blessings, prosperity, and love to the couple. This colorful event usually includes music, dance, and a festive ambiance.

Pithi and Grah Shanti

The Pithi ceremony is a pre-wedding ritual where a paste made from turmeric, sandalwood, and other ingredients is applied to the bride and groom’s bodies. This paste is believed to cleanse and brighten the skin, bringing a radiant glow before the wedding.

Puja Ceremony

Wedding Day

The Maticoor ceremony begins with a ritual which involves the elder married women and the youngest girl of the household. The baghie, an altar where the puja will be performed is located inside the house and next to it is placed the ceremonial tray of hardie, sindoor, diya, lota and traditional sweets


The Varghodo is a grand and celebratory procession that marks the groom’s arrival at the wedding venue. Accompanied by dancing, music, and jubilant celebrations, the groom is traditionally seated on a decorated horse or vehicle. 


The groom embarks on a journey to the bride’s residence or the wedding venue, mounted on an elaborately adorned horse, accompanied by his relatives dancing in joyful procession. Upon arrival, the bride’s mother extends a warm welcome, offering sweets and performing an aarti as part of the ‘jaan’ ritual. Adding a playful touch to the occasion, the bride’s mother affectionately pinches the groom’s nose, a gentle reminder of the humility required as he seeks her daughter’s hand, leading to playful antics as he tries to evade her grasp.

Mandap Mahurat

The Mandap Mahurat is a ritual where the wedding mandap (canopy) is erected at the wedding venue. The priest performs prayers to bless the mandap and the wedding space, marking the beginning of the wedding preparations.


The Antarpat is a curtain held between the bride and groom as they stand at the mandap. The curtain is lowered when the couple is ready to exchange vows, symbolizing the removal of barriers between them.

Vara Mala

The Vara Mala ceremony is a poignant moment of the wedding. The couple exchanges garlands as a sign of mutual acceptance and respect for each other. The garlands are adorned with flowers, embodying the essence of purity and love. This symbolic gesture represents the bride and groom’s willingness to embark on their journey together.


Saptapadi, or the Seven Steps, is a sacred ritual where the couple takes seven symbolic steps together. Each step represents a vow and commitment they make to each other for a harmonious and prosperous life. This ceremony emphasizes unity, shared responsibilities, and mutual support, forming the foundation of their married life.

Hasta Melap

Hasta Melap is the ritual where the couple’s hands are tied together with a sacred thread or cloth. This gesture symbolizes their union, their commitment to supporting each other, and their shared destiny.

Laaja Homam

Laaja Homam involves the bride’s parents placing puffed rice in her hands, which she then offers into the fire as a symbolic offering to the deities. This ritual emphasizes their blessings and hopes for her married life.


as the wedding rituals end, the bride and the groom feed each other sweets.


The Vidaai ceremony is a bittersweet moment when the bride bids farewell to her parental home and begins her journey to her husband’s house. Emotional and touching, it’s a blend of happiness for the new chapter and sadness for leaving her family. Vidaai encapsulates the emotions of gratitude, hope, and love as the bride starts her married life.

Aeki Beki and Ghar Nu Laxmi

The bride finally reached the groom’s house where she is warmly welcomed by her mother-in-law with an Aarti and Tilak. The bride then enters her new home after knocking down a pot full of rice. Aeki Beki is an enjoyable activity involves the participation of the couple. A circular tray is filled with a blend of milk and vermillion, and within the tray, several coins and a ring are carefully placed. Due to the opaque, milky-pink hue of the mixture, the ring remains hidden from view. The couple’s task is to locate the ring by submerging their fingers into the liquid. This engaging game unfolds over four rounds. The individual who successfully discovers the ring the most times is symbolically deemed the dominant influence within the household.


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