Best DSLR for Wedding Photography

Wedding photography requires tremendous skill, talent, and practice to produce the best of images at a wedding. It is quite a demanding job because of its need to possess the best and high-performance camera out there. With the introduction of drones, now also being used for wedding photos and videos, we thought it would be best for us to talk about which DSLR is best for wedding photography


Moments in a wedding can’t be repeated; as a photographer, you need to capture every moment as best and quickly as possible because if gone, they can never be repeated. But how do you make sure you get all these glorious details in pictures? 


Before you read on, remember that no dslr set is completed without the perfect lens to go with it. 


The simple answer is you need the best cameras out there. Unfortunately, figuring them out may not be easy. However, it becomes effortless with this article. Below are some you should check out:

Sony A7R III

This is by far the best mirrorless camera out there. With a sensor of 42.4 MP full-frame, and weighing just about 1.4 lbs, Sony A7R is a beast for wedding photography. Some of its incredible features are the ability to make IS and video 4K shots, touchscreen for adjusting its settings, and autofocusing system.


Note, this camera is perfect for wedding videography too. 


Nikon D850

If you’re not so new to the world of wedding photography, then this camera is for you. Best used by a professional wedding photographer, although you can give it a shot if you see yourself as a semi-professional.

Talking about aesthetics, its body is a beauty. 


With a sensor of 45.7MP full-frame, 153 focal points, 99 cross-type sensors, and weighing about 2.2 lbs, 


You can get this camera body around $3,944.

Nikon D750


This is another excellent camera from the Nikon family. The D750 is one of the most sought-after cameras out there when it comes to wedding photography. Thanks to its superb features. A stunning 24.3 MP full-frame, LCD touch screen, two dedicated SD slots, and weighing significantly less than Nikon D850. 


You can get the camera at $1,500 for the body.

Canon 5D Mark IV

It was really worth the wait for the canon 5D Mark III users when Canon 5D Mark IV hit the market. This beautiful machine is an incredible one, very powerful, and a worthy competitor for the Canon loyalists.


Came with a price of around $3,000 for the body alone, the camera has some incredible features like a sensor resolution of 30.4MP, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows for mobile editing in case of downtime.


Canon EOS 6D

Priced at $1,499.00, 


Canon EOS 6D is a big shot among the Canon DSLR cameras. It has a high-quality construction, and an impressive color depth around 23.8 bits. In terms of weight, this camera is lighter compared to the rest in its family.


Its performance on a low-light mode is outstanding, and the shutter can last through 100,000 cycles. Some of its other features are the weather and dust resistivity and built-in Wi-Fi.


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