Drone Wedding Video Toronto

Drones have the capacity to take some amazing photos and videos. To some, the use of a drone for a wedding is well worth the expense to capture it all. Anyone who has seen the type of photography that is achievable with a drone is well aware of the spectacular, breathtaking views it captures. Continuing to rise in popularity throughout Canada, drones used to shoot a wedding come with some pros and cons. If you are kicking around the idea of drone photography for your wedding, there are a number of things to consider.

The New Way for Wedding Videography


Many couples hire drone photography for their wedding because of what it can capture. A professional drone operator will be able to reach up high and get photos that your everyday wedding photographer can’t. A wedding only happens once. There are no retakes. Drones add another level of both photography and video that can ensure that your special day is captured adequately. Also, if there ever was a time to incorporate a drone into your life, your once-in-a-lifetime wedding is it.

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Taking Advantage of the Venue and the Landscapes 


No matter what venue you chose for your wedding, drones do a fantastic job at capturing dynamic, illustrative videos of the landscapes throughout the area. Imagine the opening scene of a movie as the camera pans over a city or a forest. A drone photographer provides you with your own little helicopter equipped to capture your wedding and venue in the same manner, adding scope and scenic context to your event. Many people who chose to wed on a mountainside, a valley, or in another nature-friendly location hire drones for the sweeping aerial snapshots that you can’t get anywhere else.

drone wedding photography toronto

Get Creative with your Videography


Drones are highly versatile instruments. They give you the creativity to make your wedding shots unique. For example, gather guests to spell out words or organize them in other fun, little ways. Also, the scope of distance that they capture means that a photographer on-the-ground does not need to run around trying to capture every moment. Let’s face it. A photographer is never going to be everywhere at once, capturing everything you would want. A drone adds a little more protection, capturing key moments such as the bride’s entrance or the married couple’s ceremony exit, nestled in amongst the sprawling landscapes around them. Perhaps unlike anything else, a drone can communicate the epic grandeur of everything around the ceremony while still being finely tuned to record the intimacy of key moments throughout the day.

drone wedding photography toronto

Drones do What Wedding Photographers Can’t 


Every person involved in the photography and/or videography of your wedding has a role to play. For example, an on-the-ground wedding photographer is oftentimes tasked with close-ups and getting their lenses fixed on the more intimate communications. For drones, these little machines can never get that close without being obnoxious, intrusive, and loud – also, it is very unsafe to be that close! Therefore, you want to keep in mind what you want the drone used for. The bigger moments that are not as close. For example, filming the walk and the couple meeting the officiant at the altar is sometimes all a drone photographer needs to capture within the limitations of the ceremony. Choosing where and when to use a drone is key, and having an experienced operator with you who has done weddings before might be able to provide some insight on how to best use drone photography to highlight your wedding.

Drone Wedding Video Toronto

Outside is Best, Inside is a Little More Tricky 

Drones can technically fly inside however some venues may not allow it and it can be more dangerous, particularly when it’s operated by someone who is not a certified professional. Considering shooting inside a venue with a drone – consult the operator first to get their view on it. Though the space inside a venue presents an issue, an even bigger issue is that drones can be quite noisy. If it’s outdoors, this noise dissipates and it’s not so much an issue. However inside, the noise reverberates and can create quite the mess in the ears of attendees.

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For All of These Reasons, Drone Photography for Weddings is Recommended 

All the advantages of employing a drone for one’s wedding, and the images and video that only it can capture are worth the expense and the effort. If you find yourself excited about any of the possibilities mentioned here, you might wish to look into the different options for having a drone for your wedding.