Common Wedding Questions That Are Difficult to Ask

Common Wedding Questions That Are Difficult to Ask 

Many wedding traditions are really difficult to follow and could sometimes be very confusing that sometimes it becomes create a commotion on the wedding day itself. That is why it is necessary for the bride and grooms to ask all their questions before their wedding; it may sound silly to ask simple questions, but nothing is wrong with it, especially for questions we do not know how to ask.

Here are some questions couples find difficult to ask:

  • How can the wedding party travel for the reception?

The bride and the groom will definitely have their ride to go to the reception, but the couple is also responsible for their guests and entourage’s transportation. If the couple cannot afford extra expenses for the transportation, they should tell their guests ahead of time so that they can find their own ride for the reception or the couple can hire a service bus, van, or limousine for the transportation.

  • When can I take off the veil?

Yes, the veil is one of the most talked-about in the wedding, but no one says when to remove them. There are two options when removing the veil; it can take place after the ceremony itself and after the first dance, where it could be placed on the brides chair as a stylish accent.paradise banquet hall wedding photography

  • Is it really necessary for someone to hold my dress while I pee?

It depends on the dress the bride is wearing, if the bride is wearing a full length gown, she may need an extra hand to do her thing. But brides with silk sheath can do their thing alone. The extra hand prevents any accidents that could happen to the bride and the gown while in the bathroom.

  • Is there a proper way to kiss at the wedding?

The proper way to kiss at the wedding is something like we see in movies; it should not be a deep kiss or a hot kiss with tongue exposure. Just do the kiss naturally without the tongue.

  • What do the bride and groom exactly do during the cake cutting?

the manor wedding photography_167The cake cutting usually takes place after dinner but if there are older guests present at the party who has to leave early. The cake cutting should happen at the beginning of the reception. To cut the cake, the groom’s hand is placed over the bride’s as they cut into the bottom of the cake. The groom makes the second cut and offers a small portion to the bride and vice versa.

  • Where do I place the engagement ring during the ceremony?

The bride could wear the ring on her right hand or hand it to her mother for safe-keeping. The bride can wear it again on the reception if desired.

  • Who will lift my veil?

More and more brides prefer to wear their veils already flipped back during the ceremony or no veil at all. But if the bride wants a traditional wedding, the father could lift the veil up when he hands her to the groom or the groom can lift the veil before the kiss. This will create the best wedding photos in toronto!

  • On what side do the bride and groom stand on during the ceremony?

When the couple has a church wedding, the bride stands on the left side and the groom on the right side. The guests should follow their side, if they came for the bride they will sit on the left side and vice versa.

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  • Can I remove my shoes any time at the reception?

The bride cannot be barefooted during the wedding; she can bring a pair of flats for the formal attire and flip-flops for beach weddings.