The Most Common Wedding Disasters in Toronto and the Ways to Prevent and Solve Them 

The Most Common Wedding Disasters and the Ways to Prevent and Solve ThemThe Most Common Wedding Disasters in Toronto and the Ways to Prevent and Solve Them 

Most people dream of the so called “perfect wedding” and it would definitely be a big lie if someone would say that they truly had a perfect flawless wedding day. Somewhere, somehow there will be some loose ends to fix.

Here are some of the most common disaster that occur during a wedding:

  • It is the day when you will finally tie the knot with your fiancé, but, then again, the rain starts pouring down which makes it really difficult getting into the reception hall without ruining your dress and your hair.
  • The ceremony will be starting any minute and one or two of the members of the entourage has not yet arrived; as the bride or the groom, your head will really start to spin and your thought will start to blur because of the stress this incident could bring.
    • Push thru with the wedding as usual and do not stress yourself and enjoy the momentous event.
  • The officiant or the officiating priest or minister in its rarest case is late for the event or will not be able to perform his duties. This by far would give the bride, the, groom and all of the attendees of the wedding a major headache.
    • Depending on the laws of particular states, the ceremony could still be legalized, by having a relative with a notary public status officiate the signing of the marriage license and in some other states; it is allowed to instantly ordain a qualified person to be a minister through a religious organization.
  • One of the most common wedding disasters that almost all weddings have encountered is having a wild child who refuses to cooperate and perform their roles as flower girls or as a ring bearer. This could really be so stressful for everybody especially when these children blurt out a loud cry. Here are some tips to avoid children disasters at your wedding:
    • When you have really young children participate in your wedding, please do consider the time of the day when you want your wedding to transpire. Most children especially those in the toddler stage are at their best in the morning.
    • Children are most irritable when they are hungry, so it is best that they should be fed well before the ceremony starts and have them eat snacks in between.
    • Making children wear clothes that are uncomfortable makes them restless and irritable, they would not stop until their annoying clothing are removed and replaced so it’s best to choose fabrics that are very comfortable and cool to the skin.
    • When having your wedding in the afternoon or evening, have the children take naps so that they will be relaxed during the ceremony.
    • Before the day of the wedding comes, it is best to psychologically prepare these children and make them understand that what they will be asked to do is very important and that they should do their best to perform all these tasks. Children can be good followers if everything is explained to them.
    • It is also very important for the parents to bring along some candies, biscuits and some of their favorite things during the ceremony to prevent them from having tantrums. This will avoid you having any issues when you do your wedding photography session

Accidents and disasters happen unexpectedly and some could not be prevented, but, at least we could anticipate them and think of all possible solutions to resolve them at once.