Wedding Door Games Ideas

Asking for $9999

It is always a good sign for the numbers 8 and 9 to be requested on the wedding day.  Groomsmen, have your red pockets ready as this is the first step of the door games!

Flavours of life

A marriage is said to have its ups and downs and it goes through all flavours of life. More specifically sweet, sour, bitter and spicy. The bridesmaids prepare these four kinds of foods to test the groom and his groomsmen to prepare them for the marriage ahead. The goal of this test is to make them eat or drink disgusting combinations to get hilarious reactions. Some fun ideas would be to make them eat straight syrup (sweet), lemon juice (sour), Chinese medicine (bitterness) and chillies (spicy). You can also mix things up and invent weird flavour combinations. Make sure that each person has a taste of each of the foods and let the photographer capture their funny expressions.

Push Up Mania

Time to do some push ups, now we can do this in multiple ways. Have one groomsmen hold a seaweed in his mouth, and the groom do a push up to pick it up.  Too close?   It's always an option to have plates of fruits or whip creamed plates for serving, no one stops doing push ups until the plates are clean.

Seaweed Passing / Banana Eating

Have the groomsmen pass pieces of thin seaweeds using their mouths! Always a crowd favorite as it usually creates perfect moments where one of the groomsmen fails to have the seaweed hold on as they pass it to their partner.
Food passing / finishing a banana is also a great idea!

This is another game which is painless yet brings about some entertaining photos. The game involves putting on red lipstick on all the men and making them stand in a line. Then take a piece of seaweed. The game is to pass the seaweed along the line using only their mouths. This game can be repeated making the size of the seaweed smaller and smaller till they pass or till one of them drops it. If they do happen to drop it, the bridesmaids can come up with interesting punishments for them. The objective of this game is for the groomsmen to work together and prove their bonding. With the added lipsticks, it can also be embarrassing for them making the photographs comical.

Whose Lips Is It

Have the groom guess which lipstick stain belongs to the bride!

20 questions

A fun and interesting way is to test the groom about their relationship. As a married couple, he should remember the little details and with the added pressure the entire ordeal can become hilarious to witness. The bridesmaids can ask the groom about pivotal points in the relationship including the day they met, the bride's favorite color or the last word she said to him. The photographer can take pictures as the groom squirms and struggles to remember the answers. For added fun you can even add punishments for every question the groom answers incorrectly. The punishments can be something physical like doing 20 reps or something they have to endure like eating a spoon of cinnamon powder. The options are endless for this game and can lead to some creative answers.

Blindfold Team Work

Have the team blindfold and pass items around!

Declaration of love

The declaration of love is a sweet game that can be played towards the end of the challenges. In this game, the groom has to profess his love for the bride. This game can be played a couple of different ways. The groom could profess his love by coming up with a poem on the spot, by singing a song or by making a speech. The poem can bring some extremely funny and weird rhymes as the groom struggles to come up with something on the spot. The song can be really cheesy and sappy which can make the entire room laugh. However if the groom wants to go the more romantic route the speech is the best option. It can bring the series of challenges to a delightful close as the groom makes his promises of never ending love to the bride.

Chinese Wedding Door Games Ideas

Sing & Dance

Nothing says more than sincere than a song dedication, make it tougher for him by making him use words such as "love" or even your name!

Put on a dance music video and have them dance away in lip sync land

Secret Recipe

Time for them to choose their recipe! sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, the recipe is for you to choose!

Shake It Off / Break The Ice

Have pingpongs fill up an empty tissue box, tied around the waist. Have them empty the box before time is up!

Have a key or item hidden inside a block of ice, they should be trying to break it or melt it with the most creative way.

Blow Out The Candle

Wrap it up and have them try to blow out the candle!

Chinese have many different traditions and rituals that take place on their wedding days. One of these important traditions is picking up the bride and bringing her into his home. However before the groom can do so, there are a series of tests or games that he must complete before bringing the bride in. The tests are present so the groom can prove his love to the family of the bride. It is usually one of the most entertaining parts of the wedding and many bridesmaids look forward to coming up with difficult and amusing tasks for the groom. It is a fun way to incorporate the groomsmen and the bridesmaid into the wedding which can help bring in some laughter and lighten the environment. So what are some quirky yet challenging Chinese door games that can be played to make the groom justify the love and claim his bride?

In the end, the door games can be a fun concept to create bonding between the groomsmen and bridesmaids in a light-hearted atmosphere. It can lighten the mood and allow them to relive some of the stress of the wedding. It’s best to remember that the games are for fun and not to spoil the mood by brutal punishments or over embarrassing. The aim is to enjoy and capture the hilarious moments to appreciate later.