Best Pancakes in Toronto

Best Pancakes in TorontoBest Pancakes in Toronto


Pancakes are a go-to for many Torontonians seeking to cure a hangover, enjoy a thoroughly delicious brunch, or for a simple pick-me-up. Classic buttermilk are a reliable choice. Blueberry-studded is a little more adventurous. As seen in this list, some pancakes can get a little wild so depending on your preference, any of these places may jump out. Here are the best pancakes in Toronto.  Did you know? We also provide wedding photography services in Toronto!


Aunties and Uncles – 74 Lippincott Street


Delicious and low cost, you can’t help but love these pancakes. As a popular brunch spot, grab thick and fluffy banana-studded oatmeal pancakes served with fresh fruit and maple syrup. Simply delicious and it’s not going to set you back very much either. Sit down and enjoy.


Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – 85 Hanna Avenue, #104


The best pancakes in Liberty Village and maybe all of Toronto’s west end, Mildred’s is home to the Mrs. Biederhof Legendary Light & Fluffy Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. Any pancake connoisseur is recommended to check out Mildred’s. Equipped with maple syrup and whipped cream, the price tag is steep admittedly but they’re very difficult to pass up.


Thompson Diner – 550 Wellington Street West


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can get breakfast food any time day or night. Buttermilk pancakes come served three at a time with your choice or toppings.


Old School – 800 Dundas Street West


This diner has an all-day breakfast menu including a mix of different pancake styles, including buttermilk flapjacks, blueberry pancakes with candied bacon, and different flapjack combinations with cinnamon crunch banana, peanut butter sauce, and whipped vanilla cream.


Mitzi’s – 100 Sorauren Avenue


At Mitzi’s the oatmeal buttermilk pancakes are where it’s at. There are seasonal variations on the theme so be sure to visit back every couple months, if not sooner. The business’ menu does see some changes on a weekly basis so toppings may vary.


Portland Variety – 587 King Street West


In King West, Portland Variety is where you can find the best lemon ricotta pancakes in all of Toronto. Receive a short stack of zesty pancakes served with blueberry compote and cream cheese mousse.


Swan by Rose and Sons – 892 Queen Street West


This West Queen West eatery is best known for their Red Fife short stack which comes doused in maple syrup, sprinkled with icing sugar, and topped with crème fraiche and wild blueberries.


The Good Fork – 2432 Bloor Street West


The last entry on our list of the best pancakes in Toronto is The Good Fork. Found in Bloor West Village, this diner is very creative with their pancakes, pairing them with some unique items. Among them, there are the red velvet pancakes with cream cheese frosting, Cabin Fever pancakes with granola and wild blueberry toppings, and Fancy Pants pancakes which come with candied oranges, ricotta, caramelized applies, and toasted pistachios.


These establishments have made our list of the best pancakes in Toronto because of the continued effort they’ve put in into serving not only the best quality pancakes in the city but also in re-inventing what a pancake can be. Depending on your preferences, any of these diners may have more appeal than the others. Try a few. These brunch spots are worth the effort in getting there. No matter if you prefer them light and fluffy, thin and crisp, or specialized, there’s something out there for everybody among Toronto’s best pancakes.