Best Art Galleries in Toronto

Best Art Galleries in Toronto

Best Art Galleries in Toronto


Regarding art galleries in Toronto, there’s always been a surplus throughout the years. Between public and commercial spaces, browse through the art scene of Toronto, Canada, and the world. New exhibitions appear on a weekly basis across the City, some of which are better than others. Here is our list of the best art galleries in Toronto.


The Art Gallery of Ontario – 317 Dundas Street West


Let’s just get this out of the way. This is the big one. Featuring Canadian and international artists, if you’ve never been to a Toronto art gallery before and this is your first time, it’s hard to pass up the AGO. Be sure to visit their website online to see what exhibitions they have going on and which ones are coming up. For any fan of Canadian art, they are a must-visit.


Scrap Metal Gallery – 11 Dublin Street


This art gallery is a non-commercial space, displaying an extensive private collection of art. Just south of Bloor and Lansdowne, the programming cycle does not change often but in terms of conceptual art in a contemporary framework, visiting here at least once a year makes for an inspiring trip.


The Power Plant – 231 Queens Quay West


The Power Plant is down by the Harbourfront and regularly acts as a display hub for some of Toronto’s elite artists. The tourist-friendly location brings in a lot of visitors over the course of the busy season. Though there is an emphasis on Canadian artists, you might also find some fun, concept-driven works from international contributors as well.


Bau-Xi Gallery – 340 Dundas Street West


This gallery is found right across the street from the AGO and is an easy one-two punch. With roots in Vancouver from the 1970s, the Bau-Xi Gallery later expanded with a Toronto location. Contemporary art across a range of unique media is featured here. This provides yet another glimpse into the art that Toronto has to offer and can be a calm comedown after any day at the AGO.


LE Gallery – 1183 Dundas Street West


The LE Gallery is a must-visit for any fan of contemporary art. A fixture in the Toronto art scene for more than twenty years now, it’s worth a walk-through.


The Art Museum at the University of Toronto – 7 Hart House Circle


This art gallery space actually combines together the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery in Hart House and the University of Toronto Art Centre. Toronto-specific work is regularly featured here, making this a unique stop on any tour of art galleries.


Daniel Faria Gallery – 188 St. Helens Avenue


Building up this warehouse-style space, big-name artists have been attracted to the Daniel Faria Gallery since it was first erected a few years ago. The space features a number of prominent roster artists and is overseen by gallery director Daniel Faria, formerly of the Clark and Faria gallery.


Mercer Union – 1286 Bloor Street West


Having been priced out of the Queen West neighborhood and now stationed at Bloor-Lansdowne, this gallery has some of the most ambitious works you will see in the City. Video, tech-driven installations are popular here and there is ongoing turnover of pieces.


Though condo developments have moved art galleries out of some neighborhoods, they still hold prominence in the City in general. For tourists and locals alike, supporting these art galleries and others has helped the City’s art scene develop ambitious pieces that have made an impact both locally and nationally. Be sure to hire our team of best wedding photographers in toronto for your wedding day!