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Affordable Wedding Photography packages by Focus

Envisioning yourself walking down the elegantly-lit aisle in a hot and sophisticated wedding dress; all of the guests follow your every move as you take each momentous step towards your groom who is patiently waiting in front of the altar. After visualizing yourself exchanging your vows in front of hundreds of guests, here comes the moment where you enter a grand ballroom as enchanted and magical music plays. This is how grand you envisage your wedding day, extravagant and fabulous.

But, when you are working on a certain budget, you have to wake up to the reality that not all that you have dreamed your wedding would be may not be put into reality because of the constraints of the cost. The best thing is that you can still have your dream wedding, although it may not be as luxurious as you would visualize it without causing you to be broke or bankrupt.

If you are a couple looking for an affordable and budget friendly wedding photographer in Toronto, you have come to the right place! We are here to provide a life lasting memories you dream of, with a budget friendly wedding photography pricing.

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Wedding Photography Under $2000

A small and intimate package perfect for you. 

Our team will cover the ceremony, photo shoot, family and guest photos, and also the reception coverage.


Perfect for a post covid19 wedding that keeps small guest and social distancing in mind 

Under $2000

$ $1600
  • 6 Hours Wedding Photographer
  • High resolution color corrected edited jpg
  • Raw Photos download

Wedding Photography Under $1000

Need a basic coverage for a small ceremony?
Hire our $800 package.
Have a professional photographer hired for your small ceremony!

Under $1000

$ $800
  • 3 Hours Wedding Photographer
  • High resolution color corrected edited jpg
  • Raw Photos download

Staying In Your photography budget

You are probably wondering why the wedding photography pricing in Toronto has a significant difference between companies. Some places can charge under $2000, whereas some other places can charge you more than $10,000! And do you get a better quality and services if you pay more? We are here to break it down for you.


The pricing variation in Toronto wedding photography industry is huge due to no governing body or guild license needed. Anyone can get a $1,000 professional camera from a store and self proclaim as a professional wedding photographer. There are plenty of “amateur photographers”, even on kijiji, and Yelp, entering the market and profit margins are shrinking faster than ever.


In many industries, the more you pay for a service, the more you get out from it. But that is not always the case! The best way to see if the wedding photographer has the skill and style that matches with your dream wedding is to see the portfolio. At Focus Photography, we have a group of professional and experienced wedding photographers to deliver the best quality of photographs that you envision.

Limit the invited guests to family, relatives and close friends the a number you could only afford to spend for.


Find a location that allows you to have a ceremony, photoshoot, and host a reception all at the same time. Certain venues even include free late night buffet dessert table. 


Out of town venues would be more budget friendly compared to downtown Toronto venues. 

Making your decoration via DIY is a great way to save money!  We also recommend using companies like Etsy, Aliexpress, Taobao.  



Instead of hiring performances or singers, we recommend using a photobooth as the main source of entertainment.  Your guest can receive a print out and have a great time!

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