10 tips to selecting the best pictures for your wedding album

10 tips to selecting the best pictures for your wedding album

10 tips to selecting the best pictures for your wedding album

A wedding album is a documentation of one of the most important days in your life and the beginning of a new phase.

It should be filled with photos of memorable moments and highlights of your big day, therefore it is important to select only the best photos that really capture and express this important event.

Below are tips on how to select the best pictures for your wedding.

wedding album layout sample
  1. Let your album tell a story

Ideally your wedding album should tell a story so start with an image that would make a great opening and looks like it story behind it. Pay attention to how one image or series of images flows into the next. Flipping through your album should be like getting a taste of your special day all over again.

selecting best photos for wedding album
  1. Detail is important

Include several photos which highlight detail. This could be the bride’s dressing room, the flowers, the food and drink or the table decoration. These can easily be grouped on a page in your album and can provide lots of information about the theme and mood of your wedding day.

wedding photo album reactions
  1. Capture reactions

Make sure to include photos of reactions as well as all the action. For example you could have a shot of when the groom sees the bride or of the bride’s mother when the best man makes a speech. Photos like this really draw you into the moment and give you information about what was going on.

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  1. Include both sides of the family

Keep the photos of both sides of the family in the mix by adding their pictures in the album evenly. And don’t forget to include close friends who may be like family to you. We offer parents album packages too!

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  1. Pictures should correlate

Choose photos that correlate with each other, for example – if you include a photo of the groomsmen with the bride and then a picture beside it of a page boy carrying a ring on a pillow, rather than a picture of the bridesmaids with the groom, it might look rather odd and random.

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toronto wedding album design
  1. Alternate

Alternate between close ups and full shots. It is good to have a variety of pictures as they add character and uniqueness to the album.

black and white photos album layout design
  1. Black and white – or colour?

You could have a page with just black and white images and then another page with just colour images instead for a more sophisticated looking album.

wedding album design layout
  1. Choose a nice ending

If your wedding album is following the format of a story then choose a picture based on how you want to end the story of your wedding. Some good ideas of a nice closing image could be you and your partner relaxed, together and happy, an image of you both in the sunset or driving away into the sunset, the wedding rings or a picture from ‘the day after’.

classic wedding album layout design
  1. Choose what you like

Select photos that you find beautiful as the book is yours to keep and a documentation of your special day. It would make sense to choose photos that personally connect with you and your partner.

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10. Choose what’s important

Choose to include photos that will be important to you and your family in the years to come. Nothing beats looking back at old wedding photos and being hit with a wave of great nostalgic memories. Remember that these are images that you may someday show to your kids and grandkids.