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Toronto Wedding Photographer

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Focus is a team of passionate and enthusiastic wedding photographers. Headquartered in Toronto, our team are also available in Ontario, and worldwide.


We make your wedding day a stress free success by taking care everything for you. We pride ourselves in giving you a unique and personalized experience that fit your style and vision. We are here to support your every need.


Throughout our years in the industry, we have over 500 weddings under our belt, and delivered up to million photos to our amazing bride and grooms. We dedicate ourselves to produce high calibre work. We have the experience and the talent to photography your big day.
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toronto wedding photography

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Enough about us, let’s talk about you! We are here to capture YOUR wedding, and fulfil YOUR vision.


What style are you looking for in your wedding photos? Do you want natural emotions? Magazine-like shots?

Or are you more of a “let’s get a ton of funny pictures!” kinda couple?


Let us know! We’d love to hear from you! Your preference is important to us. We will do everything in our power to pair you up with the best photographer that fit your style and vision. In the end of the day, we want you to walk home with photos that you will cherish forever.


For once in your lifetime wedding, it is vital for us to know your expectations, and understand how you want your photos to turn out.

Whether it’s the shooting style, working relationship or editing style, your input matters to us.

5 Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Your wedding is the occasion that cements your love life and there is need to preserve the memories even for the future. One of the most practical ways to preserve your wedding memories is to capture the moments in pictures. To do that, you need the right wedding photographer to cover the event. How do you choose a wedding photographer? This is a difficult question you must answer during wedding planning.

It can be very difficult to choose from the number of available wedding photographers in your area. There are distinctive qualities, however, that you should look out for. Here, we will briefly discuss 5 tips that will help you choose the perfect wedding photographer:


A Versatile Photographer Is Always Better

It can be tempting to hire a photographer who does nothing else but wedding photography. This is not recommended, however, as versatility is one of the most important qualities of a good photographer. The best wedding photographers have been exposed to other photography disciplines and the exposures help to fine-tune their skills.

Consider the Personality of the Photographer

It is important to work with a wedding photographer who is positive and energetic. From your first encounter with those you consider as the ideal candidates, observe carefully to understand their personalities. Choose the photographer who has a ‘can-do’ spirit and is willing to listen to you and act professionally throughout the engagement.

A Top-Quality Portfolio

You also need to consider the portfolio of the wedding photographer. You don’t want anything to do with someone who has little or no experience in wedding photography to handle the camera on your special day. Look for consistency in the aesthetic and overall quality of their work. Your intending wedding photographer must be able to present a number of top-quality real wedding galleries to give you an idea of what you will get.

Make Sure You Connect With Their Works

Top-quality wedding photographers are passionate about their work and you will always find some element of their personality in the final product. Look at the galleries of the photographer you intend to work with and see if you can connect with their work. Picture yourself and your loved ones in the photographs taken by the professional and see if it will feel great.

Consider Reviews and Recommendations

Last but not the least, you have to look at the reviews from past clients of the wedding photographer you want to work with. It will be helpful to find several sources of reviews to have a balanced view of who you are going to work with. If you find so many complaints about the services of the photographer, stay away. Hire only a photographer who is well-respected and highly recommended by his/her past clients.


Hiring a wedding photographer is never easy. With the tips discussed above, however, the experience will be a lot easier for you. Now that you know how to choose the best wedding photographer for your wedding, here is an article to determine how much a wedding photography cost.

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day will remain one of your most precious days and the memories need to be preserved. There is no better practical way to do this than taking the right wedding photographs. Whether you love being in front of the camera or feel awkward about it, getting the perfect wedding photographs is necessary. How exactly will you go about it? Here are 7 tips we believe will help you get the most out of your wedding photos:

Book Your Engagement Session

It is very necessary to have an engagement session with your photographer. The photos are necessary additions to your wedding package. The session will also help you and your partner get acquainted to the camera. It is even more important for shy individuals.

Come Up with A Realistic Timeline and Stick to It

Having a realistic timeline for photography is very important. It is Advisable to coordinate the photography timeline with wedding vendors like makeup artists and hair stylist. Once the timeline has been defined, it is important you stick to it.

Keep Your Bridal Room Super-Clean


Having a neat and tidy room is very important. During the bride preparations, a lot of things will take thrown about. There is need to have people that will work constantly to ensure that the room is clean.

Hire A Videographer Who Has Worked with Your Wedding Photographer Before

The videographer needed for your wedding should be one that has worked before with your photographer. If not, make sure they meet before the day. It will help them to work out a mutually feasible schedule.

Plan for Family Group Photos in Advance

Planning ahead for family group photos is good. It requires informing your family members on time about when and where the photoshoot will take place. Depending on the number of invited family members and the pho list, plan accordingly.  

Allow A Minimum of 1 Hour for Your Creative Couple Wedding Pictures

The couple wedding pictures are the most important for the day. It is important that you allocate enough time for this session. With enough time to get this done, the photographer will capture some of the best shots you will be proud of.

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