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Here's the brutal truth about wedding photography :


There are WAY too many wedding photographers in the internet today for selection. 
They say, “if I get a professional dslr with a set of lens, i can start making money in wedding photography”
If only it were that easy…
If you’re serious about hiring a good toronto wedding photographer, you need to be knowledgeable enough to what to look for before you make the decision.
Otherwise you’re taking the “spaghetti approach”: throwing a bunch of stuff against a wall and hoping something sticks, or praying that the photographer delivers what their online portfolio promises.
Well today we are going to show you hidden techniques that almost guarantee you will get the photography team vision for your wedding. Without having sleepless nights worrying if or if not it will be the way you envision it.
In fact, we recently made a few significant improvements to our packages and policies that make focus stand out from the rest of the toronto wedding photographers you might be visiting before you make your decision. If you’re on a budget for an intimate small wedding, be sure to take a look at our affordable budget friendly packages. 

Focus is a Plastic Free & Paper Free, Cloud Based Company.

How does this affect you as a customer?

All our data are stored digitally on cloud server. Which means there won’t be a “hard drive” crashing risk that affects your digital data.  Lost your wedding photos after a few years?  Come back and inquire with focus for the data, we will have them digitally stored in our archives. 


Signing your toronto wedding photography and videography wedding contract just got easier. With our top of the line client system, your contract is stored in your profile, signing it at the comfort of your home, and download the digital copy to the device of your choice.

How do you get the photographer of your choice?

After booking, we will send you up to 4 teams to choose from.  Each team will have the portfolios listed.  You have a chance to meet the team and speak about ideas.

Screenshots and pinterest boards are welcome as sample shot list to our photographers.

As you prepare for your shoot, focus provides very comprehensive details and idea boards, such as a downloadable location list for photography shoots in gta toronto area.

Oh did you know, there are no additional cost for drone services. Want to know more about what drone we use? 

Free To Switch wedding Photographer Policy

How does this work?  In the rare case that you felt that the photographer did not meet your expectations for the engagement session, we will switch another photographer for you! Does that not sound as good as having insurance for your dslr camera?
Another complimentary engagement session will be offered without any additional charge.  

Raw footage and Watermark

Another policy that sets us aside from other studios? Our transparency of delivering all non watermark raw footages. 
It’s your event! So why should you pay extra to own all the un edited footage?  We couldn’t find a valid reason either.  Simply request the raw footage from your event, and we will send over the link!

Toronto Wedding Videographer


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We describe our photography & cinematography style as "candid, bright color, hint of portrait, uniquely for you"

All our team members have a minimum of 5 years experience, and our team of shooters average on 50 to 100 weddings a year. 

It is dependent on weather / flying permit.

The client is not responsible for any damages to the drone caused by weather or flying conditions or human error. View our list of drone equipment that we use.

Same Day Edits are edited on the day itself, creating a recap highlight of your wedding day ready to play during reception.

The client is responsible for the projector and audio. We deliver a usb with the digital files for you / DJ. Same day edits generally span 3 to 5 minutes ( one song chosen by client ) SAME DAY EDITS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PACKAGES THAT HAS 2 VIDEOGRAPHERS

Our team brings in extra cameras and backup equipments.

In the situation where camera error happens that is out of our control, we will use the backup camera, which will also be shot in the same resolution ( high definition ) for your event. Client’s understanding is appreciated regarding the slight time lost between transition of our artist switching cameras.

Videos are delivered in high definition mp4 format, available for online download

We deliver raw footage for you to download.

Focus is a Toronto wedding photography and videography studio located in Toronto, Canada.


We are a tight knit team of wedding photographers and videographers with over 7 years of experience in the wedding industry.

Our proven method of styling has made focus a household name in the wedding industry.


Our mythology combines a mixture of the candid, portrait, classic to create unique stories that will last a lifetime.


Thank you for reaching out to Our FOCUS Team. We understand with the recent release of news regarding “State of Emergency” status in the local Ontario region, preventing mass gatherings of parties of 50 or more will bring a change of plans for your upcoming nuptials.  Please review the following that will address our rescheduling process that may apply to you, our valued client:

    1. Give us the 3-dates that you are considering.
    2. We will respond with our availability within 12 hours.
    3. Provide formal written notice to our email that you are requesting for a transfer of the wedding date.  Your deposit will then be transferred as a credit to be used on the new date mutually agreed upon.
  • There will be no charges/penalties for the given circumstances.

Please note: For new dates, we recommend Fridays and Sundays, avoid booking on Saturdays if possible. 

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]  if you have any further questions and inquiries and we will be more than happy to assist you in your planning options!


感谢您联系Focus, 由于最新的安省进入紧急状态和禁止任何超过50人的聚会的规定, 我们非常理解这会给您的婚礼带来改变,以下是我们的日期更改的建议:

• 提供3个新的你在考虑日期, 我们会在12小时内回复

• 提供书面/email确定你更改的婚礼日期, 你的定金会直接转到新的日期

• 更改日期不会产生罚金

我们建议新的日期最好是周五和周日, 避免繁忙的周六

您可以随时联系我们, 我们会很高兴为您解答问题, 帮助您计划您重要的婚礼。

The following SECTION BELOW applies to weddings ONLY when the State of Emergency is lifted. Until then, all weddings hereby are regulated under the current State of Emergency effective March 17, 2020, stating that all organized public events of over 50 people are prohibited. These measures will remain in place until March 31, 2020 unless terminated earlier.

How to plan for your wedding day during the coronavirus outbreak?

Avoid close contact. 

Put distance between yourself and others. Reduce size of guest list; maximum of 200 guests is advised.  In the states, no gathering more than 50 people. In Canada currently it’s limited to under 200. 


We highly advise against inviting any guests

that fall into the following categories as there is an increased risk of them being vulnerable to coronavirus:

    1. aged 65 and over
    2. with compromised immune systems
    3. with underlying medical conditions
    4. children of young age


For those guests from abroad

be mindful of border closure possibilities.  


All staff members operating at venues must equip masks and gloves as safety measures.

This includes bar staff, waiting staff, receptionists, servers, and all staff members that may come in contact with guests.


For any guest parties over 500 attendees,

please consider trimming down the guest list. 


coronavirus symptoms

How to tell my guest RSVP guest not to attend the wedding?


Here’s a sample for you to write to inform your guest

We’ve been watching the coronavirus situation closely, and out of concern for the health of our loved ones,
we’ve made the painful decision to cancel our wedding.
This is a potentially lethal situation for certain people we love very much.
We want them to be able to attend our wedding, and so we will wait until it is a safer time.
Sending you all love and wishes for good health.

article take from


How to cancel a wedding because of Coronavirus



What will Our FOCUS Team take as precautionary steps?

Wearing a facemask

will be a requirement during all events.


NO hugging/handshakes

will be allowed with team members during the events.


Water bottles   

will be provided to our team for events.


If a team member has shown symptoms / attended a wedding that has a confirmed patient:

said team must be grounded in quarantine for 2 weeks with no exceptions for self-isolation or self-monitoring purposes,

a substitute team will be assigned in place.


If your guests has shown symptoms prior to event:

guests must stay home and not attend wedding, and in exchange 

we will put a priority on your digital products, so you can share it sooner to those who are unable to attend.


Photo booth touch screens are sanitized.  

Our team members will have exclusive access to said products, therefore feel free to ask for assistance for your photos to be taken during your event. Props will be available on site for guests to use freely at their discretion.

Should I postpone my wedding?


It is advised to postpone your wedding if you are within the listed high risk group listed:

    1. aged 65 and over
    2. with compromised immune systems
    3. with underlying medical conditions (heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, etc.)


Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

What are the penalties to expect if I postpone my wedding?

With Focus, there will be no penalties due to current circumstances.  We are open to help you reschedule your booking to a future date. 


External vendors may have various such as florists and venues might impose rebooking fees and cancellation penalties.

Can my vendor cancel on me?

In the case that your vendor cancels on you, you are entitled to a full refund.  Take some time to reach out to the vendor to inquire about the process of the return of funds if that was not already expressed through their original message.  Usually, it would be returning the funds through the same avenue to which the payment was provided in the first place.



Search for a new vendor. Remember, your wedding is the celebration of the union of you and your partner.  The venue is important, but the most important part is having everyone, safe and sound to celebrate such an occasion. Looking for a new venue rather than panicking will help you smoothly move forward in your re-planning.  You may consider scheduling your wedding to a future date or simply a new location.


I planned my wedding, sent out invites, but how do I know if people feel pressured to attend?

Ask them personally.


It doesn’t hurt to see how they are feeling.  Depending on how your venues and vendors are responding to the situation, it may be wise to touch base with each team and your family to see if they are still on board.  Judge based on how everyone’s vibe is. At the end of the day, business and family are all human, so communication is key.

How to write to inform my vendor that I am postponing my wedding?

Dear [Vendor name],

This message is to notify you that I am [canceling/postponing] my wedding on MM/DD/YYYY,
due to concerns about coronavirus.
I understand that my $XXX deposit for your services is nonrefundable.
As required by our contract, this notification is more than [X weeks] prior to the event.
My understanding is that no additional payments are required.

Thank you for your help,



Sourced from

How to cancel a wedding because of Coronavirus


How do I protect myself financially when planning a wedding?

Get wedding insurance. For couples who prefer to play it safe, consider purchasing wedding insurance. This insurance will protect you financially not only if your venue goes out of business, but if the wedding is cancelled due to inclement weather, a family emergency, what have you. It’s a great option to consider and well worth it for your peace of mind.

When seeking out wedding insurance, do inquire about the current circumstances.  Just like some insurance limitations, they may have fine print that limits coverage therefore good to consider your options.

Sourced from
What to Do When Your Wedding Venue Cancels on You 

All my orders/shipments are coming in late. How should I handle this?


Reach out to vendors. Everyone is aware of the situation and they too are probably not in control of the situation. See if there is anything they can do, and attempt to negiation something to work things out with them individually.  Be patient in your interactions as they are probably experiencing an influx in client contacts as well. Even a partial return or refund may be helpful for the next part:



Seek out local alternatives. Given current circumstances, local businesses will appreciate any business they can get.  You may experience various pricing ranges, therefore it may be a good idea to reassess your priorities.  Do you really need the ideal flowers you wanted? Do you really need that one specific table card? Access your options and budget accordingly to ensure you are not compensating recklessly.


Here you can see how some vendors respond to brides worried about their wedding dresses, in terms of delivery dates:



Coronavirus may delay wedding dresses but don’t panic, industry experts say 

Some guests may insist on coming and they may have coronavirus. How can I convince them?

Have a personal conversation with each of these red flagged individuals. Let them know that what they are risking is not just their own personal wellbeing but also the wellbeing of those around them.  Remind them what they will potentially compromise and what they are exposing their friends and families too.

We found a really good source that addresses this concern in greater depth and advise you to visit their posting before having this conversation with your close guests:

How To Convince Your Parents They Should Take COVID-19 Seriously

What about travel insurance? Will that be of any help?

The answer is a no.  Many providers will not have coverage for natural disasters and unexpected outbreaks of viruses.  In some cases, you may get up to 10% coverage which is still contingent on the provider themselves.

The source we found valuable is listed in the following:


Questions About How Coronavirus Could Affect Your Wedding? 


In the end, the best is for you to consult the agencies to see what measure can be taken so that you can consider the option of planning things around this time. Of course, it would also be advisable to see if your friends and families will be impacted by this.

If I’m inviting guests from another country, what should I consider?

Rescheduling your wedding may need to be considered. With the media’s attention and global news going live,  we are constantly getting updates from each international government’s actions in response to the coronavirus.  Some have started exercising measures to lock down their borders, while some are in strict quarantine. While this is your wedding, the last thing you want is to have your family and friends left stranded, having no home to return to.

Yes, maybe you will be in the pocket.   However, if you consider the other outcome where your family and friends are forced to live abroad in a foreign country- because of you.  Financial disputes between them and you may rise as you would have been the cause of their situation, which may put you in an even larger hole.  It is definitely a financial risk not worth having.

Here is a source that has expressed how couples have already started withdrawing their wedding plans:

Coronavirus: ‘I’ve had to cancel my wedding’



You can still host your wedding AFTER the state of emergency has been lifted!  Just need to cover more checkmarks and make sure everything is okay!


Revisit your guest lists to make sure everyone is fit for attendance: if not, don’t come.


Communicate with your vendors.  Make sure everyone is on the same page.


Reach out to local vendors.  Prices may vary, but it makes sure your big day isn’t compromised!


Research for insurance options. Better safe than sorry.


Take a deep breath. Don’t panic because it won’t help!


Enforce health and safety measures. Make a list and check them twice!