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Here’s the brutal truth about wedding photography :


There are WAY too many wedding photographers in the internet today for selection. 
They say, “if I get a professional dslr with a set of lens, i can start making money in wedding photography”
If only it were that easy…
If you’re serious about hiring a good wedding photographer, you need to be knowledgeable enough to what to look for before you make the decision.
Otherwise you’re taking the “spaghetti approach”: throwing a bunch of stuff against a wall and hoping something sticks, or praying that the photographer delivers what their online portfolio promises.
Well today we are going to show you hidden techniques that almost guarantee you will get the photography team vision for your wedding. Without having sleepless nights worrying if or if not it will be the way you envision it.
In fact, we recently made a few significant improvements to our packages and policies that make focus stand out from the rest of the wedding photographers you might be visiting before you make your decision.
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Focus is a Plastic Free & Paper Free, Cloud Based Company.

How does this affect you as a customer?

All our data are stored digitally on cloud server. Which means there won’t be a “hard drive” crashing risk that affects your digital data.  Lost your wedding photos after a few years?  Come back and inquire with focus for the data, we will have them digitally stored in our archives. 


Signing your contract just got easier. With our top of the line client system, your contract is stored in your profile, signing it at the comfort of your home, and download the digital copy to the device of your choice.

How do you get the photographer of your choice?

After booking, we will send you up to 4 teams to choose from.  Each team will have the portfolios listed.  You have a chance to meet the team and speak about ideas.


Screenshots and pinterest boards are welcome as sample shot list to our photographers.


As you prepare for your shoot, focus provides very comprehensive details and idea boards, such as a downloadable location list for photography shoots in gta toronto area.


Oh did you know, there are no additional cost for drone services. Want to know more about what drone we use? 

Free To Switch Photographer Policy

How does this work?  In the rare case that you felt that the photographer did not meet your expectations for the engagement session, we will switch another photographer for you! Does that not sound as good as having insurance for your dslr camera?
Another complimentary engagement session will be offered without any additional charge.  

Raw footage and Watermark

Another policy that sets us aside from other studios? Our transparency of delivering all non watermark raw footages. 
It’s your event! So why should you pay extra to own all the un edited footage?  We couldn’t find a valid reason either.  Simply request the raw footage from your event, and we will send over the link!
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