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The Forth Wedding Toronto

What happens when east meets west? You get soft silhouettes, colorful designs, interesting traditions and emotional outbursts.  And if all these happens in a wedding? You witness moments that would leave indelible marks on your memory. I can vouch for it as it happened when I attended the wedding of Stephanie and Arash as their wedding photographer.

We began the shoot with an unusual shot – Stephanie with the kids. It’s a shot that would melt anyone’s heart and bring a smile on the face. After a couple of usual shots of the wedding gown we decided to include the ring shots. We forget to tell you one thing, Stephanie is very stylish. To capture her fashionable persona, we took some chic photos of the wedding ring with her stilettos. Look at those bejeweled high heels. Aren’t they classy? Well, no one can miss the ring also with the huge solitaire.

Stephanie was relaxed on her wedding day. She cracked jokes, laughed with her friends as her hair was done. She has a great figure that perfectly suited the wedding gown she chose for herself.

We liked the wedding bouquet. It looked unusual with lots of green. Look at the child! Is she elated to see Stephanie? Maybe.

We remained quiet when Stephanie said her prayers. She looked so ethereal in the full wedding attire. Do you think we are paying too much attention to the bride? If yes, here is Arash, the handsome groom in his black suit. It was a scene to behold when they met in front of the statue of Christ.

We decided to play with colors. So you would find the colored forth wedding photos intercepted by one black and white photo, followed by a colorful one in which the couple is seeing seeking the blessing of the Mother. This is my personal favorite with the colored glasses adding to the glory of the event.

The wedding was over. It was time to relax and shoot a few photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We chose the outdoors to capture these photos. The newlyweds had their own funny moments. There were a few intimate ones also which we were too happy to capture in our lens.

Stephanie and Arash chose a purple theme for their wedding and the planners did a lovely job. Look at those artifacts, they are the specialties of Middle East and speak hugely about the craftsmanship. Such intricate designs and contrast of colors! We couldn’t help but click on photos of the tables, the lighting, and the cake.

The friends and relatives wished the couple, danced, enjoyed and made the wedding memorable. We wish Stephanie and Arash lifelong joy and happiness. We hope you would like these forth wedding photos and come back for more.




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