Jillian & Mena Distillery District Downtown Toronto Wedding

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Distillery District Downtown Toronto Wedding


Jillian and Mena – downtown Toronto wedding worth remembering

Do you know what makes life so endearing? It’s the emotions. Sorrow, happiness, joy, melancholy, separation and reunion – all these emotions come together to lend different colors to life and make it so beautiful. The same holds true for photography. Different colors, in a variety of shades and hues, make each photograph so loving, so memorable. Are you wondering why I am saying these? Look at the wedding photographs of Jillian and Mena and you would see how colors come together to depict the different emotions of life.

Jillian and Mena – wedding of a simple and warm couple

Jillian and Mena planned their wedding well. From their wedding attires to the flowers, from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the menu, everything was done after much deliberation. And it showed. We, on behalf of downtown Toronto wedding photography, did our best to do justice to the time and energy they have put into making their wedding perfect.

When we first met Jillian and Mena, we were stuck by their simplicity. Here was a couple sitting before us who were planning to get married. They didn’t want any drama, any show-off but wanted everything to be real, life-like. So, we thought of giving it a go. We captured moments as they unfolded before our eyes. We captured the many shades of emotions that life played before us. Just to make things a little bit interesting, we did a few snaps in black and white. That I believe broke the monotony of the album and also brought back the focus on the simplicity of life.

Jillian and Mena are friends’ people. Friends hold a special place in their life. We chose a group photo of the bridesmaids and Jillian as the opening shot of the album. I was talking about planning, you remember? Look at how they have color coordinated everybody’s outfits. With the shawls wrapped around, the bridesmaids looked so elegant. Mena chose an unusual color for their outfits and matched it up beautifully with the colors of the flowers which made the photo so unique, so appealing. It reflected her taste also.

Everybody looked so happy in these photos. When Jillian kissed his bride, it was a moment of sheer pleasure.

To break away from the tradition, we shot the groom first. As Jillian got ready for the wedding, we took snaps of him in front of the window, in black and white. He looks so intense in the shot.

The rings deserve special mention and so they were caught on camera with a different prop – a cigar.  See that photo of the rings twinkling in the light? It was a shot I planned and loved the idea.

Men will be always men and so Jillian and his friends couldn’t resist posing with the cigars. They looked so macho with them.

It’s not right to keep the bride waiting for so long. Isn’t it? So here comes our bride Mena with her gorgeous smile. She got ready amidst a lot of friendly banter. Her friends helped her to get into the off-shoulder wedding gown she had chosen for herself. With a glittering stone studded belt, it looked stunning on Mena. She matched it with simple but elegant jewelry that highlighted her warm smile and beautiful complexion.

I took a photo of her with the wedding bouquet in hand. She looked so poised. With the white curtains behind, she looked ethereal in the shot. It is a simple shot where light played a crucial role to make it perfect.


The bride walked in with full glory, accompanied by her parents. Poignant and intense, the shots say volumes about what went on in everybody’s heart. We kept these shots in black and white to highlight the emotions.

Rings were exchanged; the bride and the groom took their wedding vows and kissed amidst much cheer from the guests present at the church.

It’s party time, folks. Jillian looked relaxed. Tables were laid with white flowers and gift boxes. A touch of green looked so refreshing. People enjoyed as the newlywed couple came in dancing. There was a sumptuous meal ready for everybody. The dessert counter particularly looked very tempting. We clicked snaps of the doughnuts and muffins to our heart’s content.

After the bridesmaids and groomsmen gave their speeches, everybody hit the dance floor. Jillian and Mena got close and showed their skills in dancing.

The huge Christmas tree with its lovely decoration caught our fancy. So everybody posed in front it. See them with their red noses? It’s the best shot of the album.

It was fun shooting this wedding album. Both Jillian and Mena cooperated as well as their friends and relatives. We took candid photos, enjoyed ourselves and made some great friends. We wish this couple a lifetime of love and joy. May their life be filled with all the colors and emotions that make life truly worth living.

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